Thursday, January 03, 2019

slightly obsessed

As I have gotten older, I have stopped wanting/ collecting things.
I use to love to wander around Marshall Fields and Neiman Marcus to see all the pretty things.
Things I wanted to populate my house.

Pillows, blankets, furniture, Christmas decorations....
magazines and antique stores full of cute stuff....

And in the last ten years or so,
I just want to have less.

I am not judging at all.  I'm just full up.
I want less clutter.  Clutter is messy and hard to clean and we all know
cleaning is not my thing.

But in the last few months, I have been obsessed with Cornishware.
I do not know exactly why, 
it's familiar cheery stripes....spotted in movies made in England...

So for Christmas Patrick gave me a butter dish. 
(I ordered it from Amazon, from Patrick)

And all I want to do is sell or give away all my china and dansk and plastic plates and buy all Cornishware.

On my box it said 'made in China'.  I was pretty disturbed by this because I follow a woman on Instagram and see her decorating/painting the plates every day.  I did a little detective work and found that a new owner is working on bringing all the products back to the UK, but for now she is only painting the plates and bowls in England.

She also places the names on the adorable mugs.

Her Instagram is Cornishware_artist

follow will like her

Below is a link about the woman who is reviving Cornishware.

What should I put on my mug?  
Does everyone want a mug for Christmas next year? 
They make pink!
I'll start saving now.

I want red too.
And that hutch and sink.

But it has to fit in my other obsession.....

I want to plop this down in my backyard.
With my little stripe-y dishes.

It would all be so much easier if I lived in England.
But perhaps I need to bring England closer to my family.

It has wheels!!!!!!


Chip, Chip, Charlie, by jove, good show.



  1. I've started going to estate much more fun & when you go to the store you're like-ouch-expensive! But there are good & not so good ones so you have to look through the photos & go to a few to find the people whose sales you like. (some you won't).

  2. My Aunt Dorothy had three large sets of China. I remember mentioning it to her.
    She said, we don't always like what we liked when we are young, our tastes change. She was right.

  3. You just broadened my world. Cornishware is wonderful and happy and homey. I can't believe I've never seen it. (Clutter is my middle name. Anita Clutter Klumpers. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?)

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Donna, I don't have any Cornishware, but I love it too! I always notice it on those wonderful old painted sideboards in British films. So glad you are collecting it now. I may have to get myself a piece as well. I am a long-time antiques collector and have seen it in shops before, but not often. Who would have thought that new pieces would be available on Amazon (what don't they have??). So glad to see you are posting again...I have missed you and your wonderful photography and straight-to-the-heart musings.

    Debbie Z.

  5. I have never paid much attention to Cornishware apparently. It is pretty, though. I'm with you about clutter. I'll finish homeschooling next year, Lord willing, and I cannot wait to get rid of all the accoutrements that come with that, mainly books and papers! It could be because I'm getting older and I don't want my kids to have to go through tons of STUFF when I'm gone. Goals.

    1. Southern Gal, I finished 27 years of home schooling in June 2017 and I'm still getting of books and papers! I can totally relate to not wanting the family to have to go through tons of stuff. 😕

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Cornishware! I love "old" dishes best. I don't want a set of matchy-matchy. The plate I use to serve my own food is an old one I found at an antique shop. And, like you, I find myself wanting less and less. I (sort of) jokingly told my husband yesterday that when he retires in less than 3 months, we should just sell the house and live in our travel trailer while touring the country. And, since I doubt we'll really do that, I'm off to Amazon to look for Cornishware!

  7. Never heard of Cornishware, it's lovely. I can totally relate to wanting less clutter. This is my year to hoe out, declutter, and not bring more stuff into the house. Looking forward to reading more here this year, Donna!

  8. We have mom's good dishes [wedding gift, not china] and we use it for our every-day dishes. I told dad that I'd be thrilled to have it but he had to know that we'd use it and it would absolutely get broken. He said, 'nothing would make your mom happier than knowing her family is USING the dishes. Let them break.'. Gah. Makes me so happy.

    We've been tracking with the tiny house movement for at least five years. I am a clutter bug and my husband could live in a monastery - and I am finally beginning to long for LESS. So we're purging, it seems, all the time. Nothing comes into the house without DOUBLE leaving - if you buy a shirt, get rid of two - and that has made a BIG BIG difference. Hard still with three kids at home but that's not a lament because SUDDENLY, it's flying and they're all leaving. What on earth.

    And also, we can't wait to move to England. In our tiny house. :)

    ps - Tyrese leaves for basic training next Tuesday. PRAY!!


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