Thursday, July 01, 2004

Katie's Room

Well, here they are. I am happy with the result. They are an inch longer than I anticipated. But it's ok.

My sisters will recognize the dresser. It was in Sue and Nancy's bedroom growing up.
I love having hand me downs :o) It is in perfect 'road show' condition...never been touched up!


Play Ken Play

He is still winning!


Elizabeth from A trip to the woodshed has an interesting method for training her children. She calls it Tomato Staking. It basically means to keep her child very close to herself.

Blog-sistah MFS has explained that she also keeps her girls close to her at challenging times of the day.

***UPDATE***Link to MFS's article about helping her children get along with one another.

My Katie has been having problems with socialization lately. She basically screams bloody murder when she is not getting her way or is frustrated with the neighborhood children. I guess she still needs her momma to help her learn this task of getting along. So when she is outside, I will be too.

Each child is different...don't cha know.

Encourage one another,

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