Friday, October 08, 2004

What is Ho?

The funniest answer ever given on Jeopardy, that's what!

Ken Jennings was whizzing along in his usual take-no-prisoners style when he said;

Ken: I'll take Tool Time for $400, Alex.
Alex: A garden tool which is also a promiscuous person.
Ken: What is a Ho?
The Audience: laughs hysterically
Me: laughs out loud
Patrick Jr. in Omaha: blurts out with laughter

Alas, the wrong answer.


Some other contestant: What is a rake?


Well then...vocabulary lesson today on Jeopardy...and the funniest. answer. EVER!

Oh and by the way...both Patrick Jr. and I, tho seperated by the state of Iowa, both answered,

"What is ho!"

It is the logical answer. Don't ya know!

(The above information is not verbatim. Just from my sorry memory.)

I will not forget how funny it was tho :o)


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