Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Check out the interesting place Emma and the Waldeckers hiked to last weekend.
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The adventure begins with the tides.

The Islands are cut off from the mainland by the tide for up to four hours out of every twelve. If you are planning a visit to the Islands you must allow yourself enough time so that you can leave Hilbre at least three hours before high water, or longer if you have small children or walk slowly. It takes about 1 hour to cross the 2 miles to Hilbre. Alternatively, you must set out from West Kirby at least three hours before high Water and allow for a stay of five hours or more on Hilbre. Strong winds may bring the tide in early or suddenly.


Sounds exciting, doesn't it!?

Manchester Town Hall...once a glorious church!

Look at those windows...and all of those arches!


It brings to mind Ken Follet's book, Pillars of the Earth.
The whole village is involved in building of a great cathedral, which takes one hundred years to build. (If I remember correctly) It was grueling work.

Just imagine something taking one hundred years to build.

Inconceivable! :o)

What is the oldest building in your town?

The oldest building in our little town is probably a barn or house.
Brick or stick...perhaps 100 years old.

Encourage one another,

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