Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Home Again

Today's theme for the Thursday Challenge is Outdoors. Since Emma has my camera here is a picture, previously snapped.

Thursday Photography Challenge

~spotted at Hiraeth


Okay...this is really old news... but it was new to me.
(April 2003)

And it really choked me up.

Star Spangled Hero

Now that is one sweet coach.

Maurice(Mo) Cheeks you are a real gentleman and a true coach.


Katie and I had a wonderful visit with Karen and her family yesterday!

We heard from Emma, she is having a fabulous time in England and is currently planning a quick visit with Lissa (one of the Waldecker children) to London.
She comes home in two weeks!

Little sis Janet is on my heart this morning. Her dear friend's little boy is sick. This is hitting Janet very hard. As can be expected, Janet is not going to be blogging for a while...but perhaps you might go by her blog and let her know you have thought of her today....and say a prayer of healing for Josh.

Thank you.

Love one another,
and encourage them too :o)


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