Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's growing in your backyard?

We love this tiny nest.
It is made from pine needles. How very Wisconsin. I think this is the first nest I have seen that is made with mostly pine needles and downy feathers.
It was found on the grass in our front yard.
No eggs.
It looks too big to be a hummingbird nest.
But it is still so small.
Can you imagine a bird that would fit in this wee nest?

I really have been trying to prune these tomatoes.
But I neglected to use a cages or stake.
I neglected to Tomato Stake my tomatoes.

I think I have read more about 'tomato staking' children than tomato staking...tomaotes.

So I stuck a hoe and a stick next to them...to hold em back. I was afraid to drive a stake in the ground and sever a root.

I wait with hope and big dreams for the small tomatoes to plump up and ripen.

She lives.

This lovely pink blossom (along with five other buds) is proof that pruning is a necessary thing.

Not that I knew to do this.

Some critter came by about one month ago and devoured 1/2 of this rose plant.
The entire left side was chewed away.
Big bites.
I knew it wasn't a bug. There were whole branches missing.

"Katie did you cut this plant?"

No, she said.

So could it really have been a deer?
A porcupine?

I did not have the fine fencing up yet. (Which I have learned is also necessary)

But, boy o boy, would I have been surprised to see a deer in our backyard.

I mean, I saw a coyote about one mile from here...but I have never seen a deer in our neighborhood.
Or a porcupine....

A big fat raccoon, once.

But no matter what critter pruned my rosebush.

I'm thankful for the gardening help :o)

Any adventures, natural or otherwise, in your yard this summer?

Encourage one another,

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