Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I get outside so much more with a pup in the house...well...out of the house.
We have a pair of Sand Hill Cranes that fly over nearly every day. They make the funniest sound in the world. You can hear them coming and know that it's them. It's a bit like a turkey and a goose mixed together.
I think these two are a couple.
Ichabod and Olive.

The grass is so soft.
Patrick mowed it already.

My feet get terribly dirty.
I don't like shoes.

Yesterday the wind was very strong. It reminded me of Janet.
So I made her a movie for her birthday.


Sometimes Ginny is too playful and rough for Katie.
She came to the screen door looking pitiful.
I told her to STOP.
I grabbed my camera.

This is a re-enactment.

Acting. You know.


Not only do I tell the girl to find the light. Now I command her to ACT!

She loves me anyway.

Donna, the bossy encourager.

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