Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I said then.

And what I will say now.

1) Jack Wagner, soap actor from “Bold and the Beautiful,” General Hospital” and “Melrose Place” — with Anna Trebunskaya
I know Jack Wagner most from General Hospital and he is a golfer. He went to Janet's alma mater. UofA where I am pretty sure his dad is the golf coach. Don't know if he can dance.

Jack wore a hideous blue suit. It was not his fault. He is not a klutz, but he is in the bottom as far as natural dancing talent.

2) Melissa Gilbert, played Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie” — with Maskim Chmerkovskiy
Might be interesting. Maks always gets the old ladies. (ducking)

Melissa was a hot mess in my opinion. I didn't like her dance at all. Her personality is nice and she has natural ability. But all I can think of was tornado when I think of that dance.

3) Donald Driver, receiver for the Green Bay Packers — with Peta Murgatroyd
Go Donald.

Donald is a big fan of DWTS. He came out there with no fear and was a great dance and showman. He got to longest ovation of the night. The judges were hard on him.

4) William Levy, telenova star known as the “Brad Pitt of Mexico” — with Cheryl Burke
Will probably get voted off early. No fan base in US. Unless he is talented.

I was totally shocked and delighted by William. He can dance!!! Really, really well.
He had a fan base in LA as far as I could hear from the hoots in the audience. Wooza!

5) Sherri Shepherd, co-host of “The View” — with Val Chmerkovskiy
Her body type will distract me. She is a funny girl so I will enjoy her comments and filmed packages I am sure.

Sherri is super funny and has nice dancing ability. She just happens to be on a season with many excellent dancers. She is not a stand out talent wise.

6) Katherine Jenkins, opera star — with Mark Ballas
Never heard of her.

Gorgeous girl. Very sweet spirit and fantastic slow dancer. She is extremely graceful.
She got very high scores and she deserved them. Nine, eight, nine.
We shall see how she does with the Latin dances. Probably fab.

7) Gavin DeGraw, singer known for “One Tree Hill” theme song — with Karina Smirnoff
Is he under 30? Geez. I hope so. This show is getting to look like Lawrence Welk.

Gavin was just adorable. He has natural grace and I think could really learn to dance. I'm not sure he will be around long. But I would like to see more of him. Darling smile.

8) Martina Navratilova, tennis pro — with Tony Dovolani
All I can think of is....she will be a klutz.

Again...I was very pleasantly surprise. Martina was lovely and sweet and she was graceful.
She is not in the top....but gosh, she is already tons better than that awful klutzy soccer star from last season.

9) Roshon Fegan, star of Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” — with Chelsie Hightower
Huh? What? Who?

Katie was excited to see this young guy. He is the youngest and I liked him least, I think.
Cute personality and some dancibility...just not my cuppa.

10) Maria Menounos, co-host of “Extra” — with Derek Hough
Lucky Derek. He usually gets a good one. I thought he was not on the list as a dancer this time. But I'm very glad he is because he is the best. Him and Maks.

Maria went first and I can barely remember what she did. I do remember thinking Derek always gets the good girls....
However she did not stand out like a few of the other dancers. I think she will do fine.

11) Jaleel White, best known as Steve Urkel in “Family Matters” — with Kym Johnson
"Did I do that?"

Jaleel was graceful and good. I thought his shoulders were too high and was distracted by that the whole dance. The judges didn't even mention it. They loved him.
He is sincere and talented.

12) Gladys Knight, singer, or “empress of soul” — with Tristan MacManus
woo. woo.

Gladys is the very best older dancer that has ever been on this show!!! She looks great and moves great. I just loved her. The audience stood and cheered forever.
(And by older I mean 67) She is absolutely amazing and I think she could win it all.


My predictions for the first to go and the final three.

First to go based on popularity and dance ability.
Jack, Gavin, Martina, Melissa.

(How's that for nailing that down.)

Final Three

William, Katherine, Gladys, Donald.

(I never said I was good at math :op)

Honestly. This is the very best season of talent I have ever seen on the show.
No one was embarrassingly bad like Cloris or Kenny.
No one was mean and crabby like awful Nancy G. or Hope.
There is no one on the show that make Cindy and Janet NOT watch until they are voted off.
Thank goodness.

I like that we have talent and not drama queens this season.

Watch it...if you can stand the costumes. I'm oblivious to them.
Except when they are a hideous color, like Jack's cheesy Boca blue suit.

It's gonna be great fun!!!




Katie and I had fun on the way home from school yesterday.

Happy happy Spring!!!
Happy happy longer days and green grass!!!

Encourage one another,

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