Friday, March 09, 2012

These are my favorite stamps.
I love everything about them.
They are Forever stamps...which I called Always stamps the other day. The teller knew what I was talking about.
I adore the colors and the font and the darling flowers.

I could easily be a stamp collector. But whenever I try...I use my stamps.


Apparently Ginny likes them too.


On Tuesday thru Thursday I helped out at school. All parents take a turn at playground duty.
I choose to serve three days in a row so I remember.
I wish we lived closer to school so I could help with lunch every day. I really do.
But it is just far enough to be a burden so I try to help at the beginning of the day or the end of the day.
But playground duty is mandatory. I thought I would stay in town so I could save gas money.

Tuesday, I stayed in town.

I went to Panera for lunch. $11.00

Then I went to Century House to waste more time....and spend more money.

My decision to stay in town and not drive home cost me over $40.00.

Curses! Foiled Again.


But who could pass up these cute soaps?? Not me, that's who!

The packaging is so appealing to me. Those bright primary colors and cute script called my name.
And the smell. I would not have bought them if they didn't smell so beautiful.


I am a sucker for anything that says Sea Salt or Sweden or has a sunflower on it.


Wednesday I came home.
Thursday I went to the car dealership to have the oil changed and then came home.

Today. I get to stay home all day with Ginny.

I will be guarding the stamps.

Encourage one another,

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