Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I finally made the coconut cake.

It is super moist and delicious and rich.


The recipe is a secret from Sher's mom Sally.
She was kind enough to share it with me and Sher last month.


Here is the magical-moist-making concoction.

Let me just say, if you want to make a cake like this, just google coconut cake and pick one that has milk+
poured over the cooked cake.

You should come very close.

Then I took pictures of Ginny.


She is a good girl. But she sure likes to eat crap.
That's what she is doing right now.
She is outside eating crap.


Here she is looking young, isn't she?

She is six months old today.

A person at Starbucks asked me what kind of dog I had?  It was because of the dog hairs on my fleece.
She didn't realize that is rude to ask.  But it is.  To me.
I don't even notice the hair because that black fleece always looks crazy linty.
But I was embarrassed.

And then I showed her a picture of Ginny.

You know how you don't notice certain things....
I guess for me it's dog hair on my black fleece.

I don't look at myself much. period.
I'm not a mirror person.

I know some mirror people.  They check themselves out when they walk past a shop window.
Every time.

That's okay too.

I am sure they never have dog hair on them.

With love,
The Fashion Don't