Friday, March 22, 2013

Fine Art Friday

Inspired by this pretty piece to bring back Fine Art Friday

Mother and Baby, Elizabeth Nourse.
American (1859-1938)

Elizabeth was from a large Catholic family in Cinncinatti.  She was a twin.
She went to Paris to continue her studies when she was 28.
She lived there, making art,  with her older sister Louise until she died of breast cancer.

(Remember our discussion about whether doctors recognized breast cancer
when Mrs. Hughes suspected she had it in Downton Abbey.)

This piece is called "In the church at Volendam".

Endimanche Brittany

(endimanche means 'in one's Sunday best'.)

Can you imagine the clothing?
So beautiful.

Imagine being so brave to leave your home to pursue art in Europe.
Such an interesting life.
I read she was in love with the light.

Happy Weekending!!

Encourage one another,


  1. That baby could be Asher~!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    "She was in love with the light." There it is again, that Paris light. We had a friend (former Catholic priest who decided he wanted a wife and family) who once gave us an impromptu sermon at lunch in a restaurant about light and how it is such a part of the stories in the Bible. He told us how many times the word light is found in the Bible...too long ago, I don't remember the number. Ever since that lunch I have been interested in light and they way folks use it and what they mean by it. I will put this entry in my quote book, thank you! And, what lovely pictures...yes that baby looks like sweet Asher. ;-)

    We are going on a wildflower sighting drive today and hope to see lots of bluebonnets. love and prayers for a light filled weekend for everyone here, jep

    1. Happy hunting and many blessings to you jep

    2. Oh, jep! Bluebonnets! I love them so. But I am here in Virginia and not able to see them. I will say hello to the cherry blossoms and tulip tress for you if you will say hello to the bluebonnets for me.

  3. I would love to go with you!!!!

  4. Yes. I can see Asher now.

  5. I love that "that she was in love with light." That evokes so much does it?

  6. Thanks you for introducing me to Elizabeth Nourse. I was not familiar with her and her work. It reminds me somewhat of Mary Cassatt. I will have to research her and see more of her paintings.

  7. I love Fine Art Fridays. Lovely, Donna. ~Lori

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Beautiful and fabulous! I thought of Asher, too.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  9. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Could be Asher...or could be Matthew from the photo in yesterday's post!

    Lovely art. The Flying Nun headpieces made me smile.

    Mary Z

  10. I love those hats too. The light is especially beautiful on them...and their shape is so lovely.

  11. Adore the first picture....and would love to jump in the car with jep today! :::dreamy sigh::: wildflowers :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  12. I love how those church girls have such typical school age expressions. Timeless!!

  13. So glad you're doing FAF again too!

    And love these paintings!


  14. If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another ... a favorite verse :-)

    I LOVE the light - and the light in Paris is special (remember Suzy Parker on the Siene?)

    The light here in Alaska is lovely this time of year - except today the clouds returned.

    Thanks for this lovely post Donna -

  15. I just got done reading 'A Tale of Two Cities'. I needed something like this to make me picture Paris and its people beautiful.

  16. I love all the paintings, and especially love finding a new artist to explore. I've never heard of Elizabeth Nourse.

    "In the Church at Volendam" grabs me with the crisp white headpieces and deep shadows. And the variety of postures.

  17. Love the first one! I guess it just goes to show that mamas of every time and place do chores with their little ones on their laps. :-) And love the childish innocence of the children in the second painting. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I sure love that first piece. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. A little art goes a long way to noticing the beauty in the everyday.

  19. Beautiful! She is a kindred spirit, light-lover.
    And your post on the boys...splendid. I love seeing pictures of you too. Have a lovely weekend, dear Mrs. Boucher.

  20. Nice post and She looks very awesome:-)


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