Saturday, March 09, 2013

My pins this week.

The Royal family was in the news this week.

Catherine was feeling well and made some visits around London.

She and William and Harry went to a wedding in Switzerland.

Harry went to Africa and visited a deaf school.

I pinned some recipes

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

And one cute decorating idea...that I could actually pull off.

I am always on the lookout for beautiful fashion photography.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest


Don't forget to Spring ahead tonight.

Let there be light!!!

Encourage one another,


  1. I tried a chicken crescent roll recipe from pinterest recently, it was yummy. But it was a much simpler recipe. I wonder how it compares to the one you pinned. If I were Ree, I would make both and do a taste test. But I am not as ambitious or energetic as Ree. Here is the one I tried. Fewer ingredients. The only thing I would change is to add more cheese inside the rolls. It was hard to detect.
    Love the coat with the fur collar. Catherine is just beautiful.
    And I was going to ask yesterday if you take Vitamin D in the winter. It makes a big difference in my mood when the skies are gloomy.

  2. Lovely pins -- oh Kate looks so pretty. Sheesh, why didn't they tell me they were coming to Switzerland? ;-) I would have dropped everything to say hey.

    I want a cookie real bad now - they look fantastic.

    Have a blessed weekend

  3. I love your pins, Donna and re-pinned a few of them. Haven't been out visiting much but I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Lovely pins! I heard or read that Catherine almost let slip the sex of their baby. It will be a well loved baby, boy or girl, I believe. Both she and William and Harry like little children according to a recent book I read and all the pictures of them with children. That Suzy Parker, what a beautiful lady. Wonder if the photograph was taken in Paris...that bridge looks familiar from a painting we have. It is such sweet light there. Not looking forward to the lost hour. My body has trouble when we change in Fall and Spring. Wish we could all be like AZ and just stick to one time. Kind of a soap box issue with me, sorry. The cake idea is fantastic and we may borrow it for our grandchildren. Who doesn't love sprinkles? Thank you Miz Boo. Have a great weekend.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Hi jep - I was thinking Paris, also. Really lovely.

      My husband feels the same way about the time change; our clocks don't change until March 31st.

      you have a great weekend too :-)

  5. I guess that us Paris too!
    Perhaps the quiet life get together could be in Paris.
    With all that gorgeous light and art and good.
    .....and then she woke up :o)

    1. Anonymous11:44 AM

      If we don't dream, dreams can't come true. Paris road trip ;-) Here come the QLCS folks!
      Susan could meet us there. jep

    2. {{{LIKE}}}


    3. jep, I forget - what region of the United States do you live?

    4. Jep is in warm and sunny Texas!

      BTW, if I got a dollar everytime I wrote us for is, ate for are, or live for love....
      I could buy airline tickets for everybody!

    5. thanks Donna ~

      I ALWAYS type 'live' on my Kindle keypad instead of love, and often us for is. I never realized I had fat fingers before ;-)

    6. If you say so - but between my typos and the crazy auto correct, it makes me a little crazy!

      Time to begin dinner ...

    7. Anonymous5:22 PM

      Right now it is overcast and rainy in our part of Texas and we all have big smiles on our faces. We so need the rain. I have to say I am glad it isn't snow.

      That auto correct is really something and keeps me on my toes. It wants to change all kinds of words on me. When we got our new phones in Dec. there must have been something on them that updated our home computer and since then my new practice is to reread out loud or I miss all the "help" I don't need. ;-) jep

  6. Good Sunday Morning -- I was noodling around Google Maps and I discovered the lovely fashion photo of Suzy was taken on the Seine, looking towards Pont Neuf, on the right bank, between Pont Des Artes and Pont Neuf.

    Yes, that lovely light was indeed in Paris :-_

    1. so jazzed I screwed up my smiley face :-) time for more coffee!

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Thanks Susan! Our youngest son and my dad went to Paris and brought back a painting that was done by one of the "bridge painters" there in Paris. I thought the bridge in our painting looked like the one in the photograph. My husband and I have not been to Paris, but I like to read memoirs about people who have moved to France and feel like I have been there. Your smiley face just switched to DST and that is why it is a little down. I know I sure did not want to get out of bed this morning for early service. It was dark on the way to church! :( jep

    3. Hi jep - hope your Sunday is going well - it's 9 p.m. here - I don't have to deal with Daylight Savings time til March 31st!

      I love the bridges in Paris - so of course I had to figure out which one it was :-)

  7. I am never on Pinterest, but it's fun to see other people's pins!!
    The pictures of Harry make me giggle. When I see him, I think (and in my mom's voice, too),"He's a bird dog." haha I don't even know what that means, but that's what comes to my mind! :)

  8. I'm in love with that sprinkle 2! What a fabulous idea! I'll be using that in the near future!

    I miss you blog; I usually read in a reader on my phone, and since it doesn't go past the jump anymore, I hardly have a chance to jump on the computer and read. Glad to be back!


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