Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The scarf and I....and the Electric Slide

I think my neck is too short for my pretty new scarf!

My cute polka dot scarf is SO FLUFFY.

Tying it the usually way will not work.


Here is how I wore it at the wedding.

Emma said. "There are a lot of blonde's here."

I took a video of a favorite dance at weddings for our family.
One fantastic guitarist and a fantastic band played for the reception...but in between...
certain songs brought the ladies out to the dance floor.

Here ya go Janet!


That's how we roll :o)

Encourage one another,

p.s. Thank you for sharing your stories.
p.p.s. Stephie, did you do the Electric Slide?
p.p.p.s.  Darcy, check the comments.  Carol from Oregon is trying to say hello to you :o)


  1. Boogie Woogie Woogie!

    O I love to watch people dance but I have two left feet. I'm a chair dancer. I have great moves from the waist up.

    LOVE how the brides' dress shooshes around.

    Wedding = FUN! (especially with lots of blondes)

    Your sisters have some good moves :-)

  2. P.S. Love the scarf. I covet it.

  3. Yay!!!!! I had a constant smile on my face watching the video. Thank you for sharing. Nancy, the tiny dancer. And as Susan says....Carrie, shooshing so perfectly. And Joanie, God love her, hasn't learned the E Slide since the last wedding in July. ;) What fun. Love.

  4. Oh, and I appreciate Carrie's three point turns. ;)

  5. Thank you for the hint. :) And your scarf is so fun.....and it is great to see pics of yourself! Way to be in the frame! Happy Tuesday :)

  6. Sorry, one more..........I love my beautiful sisters. Great picture of you two. <3

  7. Keep those comments coming Janet!! I love it!'Joanie kept asking for Motown. They played celo green.

  8. I just haven't been to that many weddings so I've missed out on all this; so much fun to see all the gals out there :) Yay for the bride getting out there to join in the fun.

    Cute scarf; it looks sort of gauzy. I have the shortest neck and don't seem to look right in scarves so I envy those who can rock them. (Looking forward to DM2 - hope it's as cute as the first one.)

    Donna, I should have put this out there yesterday (DA Monday) but forgot--have you seen anything about the next season of DA? I've seen a couple of things and it's making me feel like Season 4 is so far away that I might up and forget everything that's happened by then!

    1. That's why you have a rewatching binge next December. :)

    2. Why wait til December? I just rewatched Season One and Two and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I predict another go around in the summer (well, on a rainy afternoon or two).

    3. You guys are much much more obsessed than me. I feel very "eh" about it all.

    4. Oh, my, I guess I'm thoroughly hooked (and don't own the DVDs). After the DA season ended I had to go though my VCR tapes and watch the my scratchy old taped-from-TV copies of P&P, S&S and Emma.

      Yes; I live in the Dark Ages. We do have a DVD player but I don't have any of those movies on DVD.

    5. Making dinner, just sat down again -- I think I love it because I'm in the midst of German, Italian and French television with just a hint of USA stuff every now and then. D.A. is my comfort zone. But after this latest re-watching, I plan to stay away for a few months ;-)

      my options are not so many. Not even sure what DM2 is !

    6. Susan, DM2 = Despicable Me 2, which is the sequel to the movie the clip is from (it's so fluffy!). Sorry, I get carried away trying to shorten things up when commenting.

      I'm just thankful for a few moments between tasks at work today to be able to comment. Yesterday was way too busy to do that and I am only able to comment with the Opera browser from my iPad (am I the only one who has trouble commenting on the iPad?). Even so, I make lots of flubs when using it anyway so I mostly just read.

      Do you understand enough of all those languages to enjoy their TV programming? I'd be lost.

    7. I can comment on my iPad, but I can't edit or go back or add anything because it locks up. One shot, no edits!

      So.. Opera browser. Free? Flash works on it? I've been tempted.....

    8. Thanks for asking Julie. I wondered where the fluffy part was from! I saw the last half of DM :-) about a week ago on television in English. I should have recognized the little girl.

      I am terribly language-challenged. Thankfully lots of folks speak English here in Zurich. If I was out in the sticks in a bitty town I'd be in a heap of trouble.

      I was watching a French program the other night that was about Celine Dion (she was the guest - it was like a male "Oprah" host interviewing her about her career highs so far. All in french. But hey, it was Celine! and she sang live! So I watched and enjoyed the singing.

      I should not complain about my television viewing abilities. I am blessed for sure in lots of other ways.

    9. Julie1:33 PM

      Susan - yes, indeed, we must appreciate the blessings.

      I know very few foreign words (mostly from doing crossword puzzles--before I became attached at the hip to my iPad at home, I used to use my huge dictionary and look up words I didn't know and read the etymology). But just because I know isolated words here and there does not mean I'd recognize them flying by me while someone was speaking :)

      Steph - I didn't think any browser would play flash videos on ios; I'll have to check it out in Opera. As far as commenting, it just seems to be Blogger blogs I can't comment on; it will let me go to the work of typing the entire comment and then when I try to select my profile (since I don't have a current Blogger profile) it locks up on me. I've tried threats but it just sticks its tongue out at me. Maybe if I had a Blogger profile and was logged in it would let me comment. Food for thought.

    10. Julie2:23 PM

      Steph - I'm home for a late lunch and tried Flashplayer on Opera--not compatible. :(

    11. OOOH! Thanks for checking!!!

  9. Come on, Katie! Show 'em how it's done!

  10. Noooo, no. I don't electric slide. Eek. And I was too distracted by those death-defying black heels on the girl in the short grey skirt nearest to the bride - I don't think I could walk in those, much less slide! :)

    1. Quite the array of footwear at the wedding!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ha! I have a scarf like that...except somehow the sides are connected...like a big fabric cowl...

  12. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Oh, that looks like so much fun! I want to learn the Electric Slide! Love, love your scarf. Polka dots= happiness. : )
    Debbie Z.

  13. You are very blonde and long-haired as of late. And you look soooooooper young with your hair down!!

  14. I love thin scarves because I have hot flashes if I wear heavy ones, you know. ;) (Black cohosh is a miracle herb in my opinion!)

    The video is So fun! We have the CD's from my daughter's wedding reception. She catered with a company in a big city and knew all the songs she wanted played at her reception. This was one of them. Sometimes I pull out the CD and do the Electric Slide all by myself in the kitchen. Yep. I just admitted to that.

  15. {{{LIKE}}} Kitchen dancing is fun :-)

  16. Donna, your hair is so silky and beautiful in the wedding picture! I hadn't realized it had gotten so long. I admire scarves but would be the last person to wear one "the right way." I'm off to view the dancing video...

  17. Anonymous5:01 PM

    What a joy-filled wedding reception, thank you for sharing.
    I agree, you and Cindy look like an ad for GREAT HAIR DAY!
    Pretty scarf, just the way you wore it at the reception. Sometimes you don't have to get fancy with a scarf.
    love and prayers, jep

  18. Good Morning on Wednesday, QLCS - I just popped back to Monday's post and found more Wedding Stories - o they just bless my heart.

    Plus watched the Electric Slide again - I defy anyone not to grin while watching! so fun.

  19. Anonymous8:00 AM

    After watching the video, so glad we have a wedding to go to on St. Patrick's Day! I need some line dancing! The picture of you and Cindy is beautiful!

    Mary Z

  20. so fun. DOnt you have the PINTEREST thingy on how to tie scarves a millions ways???? It is on my board if you need it.
    You look mahhhvalous

  21. I have seen it. I even posted it here.

    I was being funny. :op


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