Friday, March 01, 2013


This morning we took Ginny to the dog sitter.
wagging tail
so happy happy happy

Then we took Katie to school.

We got there very early and drove around the block a few times.

Because we had to be at the dog sitter at 7:15.

I say 'we' because Emma was with Katie and me.
I made Emma wake up and come along so we could stop at Target together to pick up some things for
this weekend's wedding.

We got our drinks and shopped for a few groceries.

And then we came home.

Just now, standing in the kitchen, I realized that we did not pick up the important items for the wedding shower.
The whole reason I dragged Emma out of bed at 6:30.

Oh my gosh.

So darn forgetful.
It's enough to drive me crazy.

I remembered even as I was entering the store....but then whooooooosh......


This is my plight.

(We did, however, have the most splendid talk about some very challenging issues. and bought the ingredients to make Puppy Chow.)

Do you think they will let me put a sticker on the door at Target that says;

Did you get what you came for?

Space Cadet Boucher

p.s.  It is snowing again.


  1. Amy J in WI9:24 AM

    Oh, Donna. That happens to all of us....more and more often. Why are we so forgetful? Do brain cells start dying? I am sure someone has told me why, but of course, I can't remember.

    I love weddings....have a super time!

  2. ha ha . .I Use the app VOXER to talk into to remind me of what I went to the store for...
    you are not ALONE!
    Have a very fun time

  3. I'm done with the snow. Overdone!

    You have to make a list. Get Evernote for your iphone and type it out. You'll have it and can look at it. And you aren't the only one whose memory goes Whoosh. Trust me! ; )

  4. I had a note.
    I forgot it at home.

    I'll try to remember to put it on the phone.
    And remember to look at it.


    1. "Squirrel" - LOVE it. I need to watch that movie again.

      I put it on my phone and forget to look at it too.

      You are in good company, from the looks of these comments :-)

    2. Anonymous11:37 AM

      I will bring my list, have it in my hand, look at it, and STILL go home without the necessary stuff. Too funny!!

      Mary from Wheaton

    3. I'm actually worse when it comes to using coupons. In fact, when I was in charge of the grocery shopping, several times I would actually PIN the coupons to my shirt or a little sign for the cashier that read, "Please ask me about my coupons" so that I wouldn't leave with them in my pocket! Weird looks, yes, but totally worth it to save $10. lol

    4. Rebekah! That's a BRILLIANT idea. It will also make my children vow to never enter a store with me, but still worth the savings!


  5. Anonymous10:10 AM

    My mom has always made lists for everything. I used to wonder why...ha ha I have to make lists too. If I don't make a list, by golly you can bet I'll forget it.
    I think it's just one of those mornings. I've fallen twice. Once on the stairs at the daycare and then as I was getting out of my van at work. I didn't get hurt, but I got a good laugh.
    Have a great time this weekend!!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

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  7. I hope they do let you put a sticker on the door.
    I haven't been able to remember anything lately.
    I don't know where my mind is going.
    I hope the shower is splendid. I know, without a doubt, the puppy chow will be.
    Happy Friday Miss Booshay.

  8. Donna,
    You made me smile today because I've done this way too often lately. I even forget the list if I make a list. Sometimes I will say out loud the things I need at a store as I walk in and I sound like a crazy lady, "cabbage, milk, batteries, cabbage, milk, batteries..."

    Sunny and windy in Half Moon Bay today and then we are back to early spring weather = much needed rain tomorrow and early next week.


    1. LOL! I'm the same! so funny!

    2. Loaf of bread... Container of milk... Stick of butter. Loaf of bread... Container of milk... Stick of butter.

    3. Tortillas, cheese, toilet paper (and why I ALWAYS forget toilet paper is something a therapist could probably make WAY too much trying to solve.)


  9. If I don't go with a list then it doesn't get purchased, so I'm right in step with you.

    Enjoy having Emma home!

    p.s. It's snowing here too...again...

  10. There is almost always one important thing I forget, even WITH a list that I write in categories according to the layout of the store (because I find myself walking back and forth in the store so much).
    Hard to eat gyros without a pita pocket.

  11. I think it was Bill Cosby that said our memory is in our rear-end, because as soon as we get home and sit down, we POP back up again because we remember what it was we were supposed to be doing (or in this case, supposed to get at the store).

    Puppy chow - my daughter used to make it in high school.

    Snow? Aw shugey shug, I am so sorry. Here, snow is gone. Gray skies remain.

  12. I used to have a wonderful memory. Or so I'm told, I can't remember. Now I use the Notes app on my iPhone to list least that's the idea. Now I only have to remember to add things to the list, then look at the list when shopping or doing whatever the list is for. Sigh. (There's also the Reminder app, but I never remember to use it.) --Missy

    1. P.S. You've had so much more snow than the Chicago area odd.

  13. Oh, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to read this, and to know I am not the only one! So many times I have driven to town - or worse yet, to a neighboring town - and been side-tracked so that I forget to buy what I've specifically gone to get. Thankfully, I have a generous, kind, forgiving husband who will usually go back and get what I have neglected to purchase.

    Even *with* a list, I have done this. I am in the process of getting ready to host a couple of retired missionaries who are speaking at our church. I worked with them when I've been in Haiti, and cannot wait to see them again. Tomorrow I will go shopping - and I will try, try, try to remember everything I need to get but anyone want to make a wager I'll forget something? :)


  14. It really isn't your fault, you know. Target has that effect on 98.7%* of human beings walking through their door. If I do not have a list IN my hand, then I leave without something or with too many things. Every time.

    *not an actual figure : D

  15. It is also nigh unto impossible to get out of target without spending less than $100. Man oh man.

    1. i hate it when they hand me 1 or 2 bags back... seriously? this is all i got?

    2. When I'm home for a visit, several trips to Target are a must. LOVE the color red, love the end cap Clearance Sales. Things priced at $3.23 or some other funny price. And they always have what I want. At a fraction of what I would pay for it here. win win win!!

      Counting the days til I'm in a Target in Seattle! Where I'm sure to forget something and have to go back - yay!

  16. Ohhh, your post and all the comments are sunshine to my heart! I AM NOT ALONE in this forgetful plight of mine! It doesn't matter what trick I try, nothing works....

    At least I remember to stop by here every once in awhile ;-)

    Tammy ~@~

  17. It's one thing to forget things at Target, and a whole different thing to forget a child at the library. I was ready to pull out of the parking lot, but Rex insisted that Zack was still inside. I had NO recollection of bringing Zack along and thought Rex was just being obstinate. But, Zack was in the library. That forgetful moment sent me straight to the doctor's office as I was CERTAIN that the local Alzheimer's care home was in my future. It was about six years ago, but it still makes me shudder. Hormones...I blame it all on hormones.

    Welcome home, Emma!


  18. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I fear the day I have trouble remembering the password to unlock my phone as I rely SO much on the notes pages there! I think it's harder to remember grocery lists, etc., as our brains are so full of many years of minutiae. Our best friends from 5th grade, TV theme songs, our favorite Christmas cookie recipe and other nonsense that take up residence in our gray matter throughout the years and just never leaves....

    Mary Z

    1. You are so right, Mary. Why can I remember all the words to the theme songs from Giligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, and Nanny and the Professor, but I can't remember if I turned off the hose watering the roses or if I paid the car payment? And that's not even addressing the fact that I'm forgetful at the grocery store.

  19. since procreating, i have to make lists for everything. i live by my planner and list making. without it, i would forget everything.

    1. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Hugs and a big {{{LIKE}}} to you Melinda Sue. I decided that same thing a long time ago...having children depletes brain cells or like Di says, "Hormones!" that is true, too. jep

    2. I also am convinced that not only does having children deplete brain cells, but with each child, the number of cells multiplies exponentially. ;) I had to stop at three...I mean, I was working with a low count to begin with!

  20. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Yes, Evernote on the phone is great. Bill Cosby is a favorite at our house. Puppy Chow is yummy. So happy Emma is home. And, I can't remember the last thing I was going to write. ;-) love and prayers, jep

  21. {{{LIKE}}}

    hitting the Like button jep! And I agree, lovely to know that Emma is home with the Booshay fam.

  22. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Join the Mushy Mind club! Karen F.

  23. I am Space Cadet Walker!! I am going to get a custom-designed helmet! ha! I do this all the time...go to the store, and forget the main thing that I went for! Sigh. You are not alone, and the sticker would be Very Useful!!


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