Thursday, September 18, 2014


It's really funny what you remember.  We forget so much.
But for some reason certain things stick.

I forgot I was in a wedding.  A whole wedding.

I was visiting a good friend quite a few years ago and
while she was in another room I started looking thru her wedding album.
To my surprise, I was in the wedding.  I did not let on to her
that I had forgotten this.  I mean.  That's a big HOLE.
So when she came in the room I said, "Those yellow dresses
were so pretty."  And she said, "You picked them out!"
"Oh!"  hahhaha....

I was dying inside but never let on.

So yesterday when we were talking about songs, Stephie mentioned that she liked
Anne Murray.

Our mom liked Anne's song Snowbird.  It was her favorite.
But sister Sue...she did not like that mom liked this song so much.
I think she thought mom wanted to fly away from her (us)(dad).
She was a sensitive girl.  As I read the words now I can see what
she was thinking.
I can actually remember the exact moment she told me that she didn't like it.
She would have been about Katie's age.
I'm sorry she felt scared that mom was unhappy and wanted to fly away.

When I was young my heart was young then, too.And anything that it would tell me, that's the thing that I would do.But now I feel such emptiness within,For the thing that I want most in life's the thing that I can't win.

Spread your tiny wings and fly away,And take the snow back with you where it came from on that day.The one I love forever is untrue,And if I could you know that I would fly away with you.


Sue and Donna #40yearsagotoday #nancybinky

 “There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.” 
~Nicolas Sparks

Encourage one another,


  1. Oh, that Nicolas Sparks quote is a keeper. It is so hard to remember in the midst of the sorrow, but it is true!

    Yesterday would have been my sister's 57th birthday. Lots of memories. Happy and sad, but we were together! Funny how that togetherness makes all those memories sweet now.

    Memory gaps scare me. And I have plenty of them. My parents were both terrified of dementia. My dad used to say, "When the butter starts slipping off the noodle, just take me to the vet and have me put down." He was kidding, of course, but our jokes reveal things about us, don't they? My kids tease me about doing puzzles and working math problems on Khan Academy as dementia prevention. Yep, they're right.

    Happy Thursday all,

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      (((Di))) - hugs to you, as I read this late in the evening.

      and yes, dementia is very frightening. A simple brain cramp can really rock my world.

      Lord, help us to stay bright and focused!

      ~ Susan

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    My youngest brother is getting married a month from today, so I have weddings on the brain already. Then I came here and read yesterday's post about song selection and today's about your forgotten wedding! Too funny!

    Sweet, sensitive Sue. Pretty insightful for a young girl to attempt to read into her mom's love of a song, wasn't it?

    I LOVE the Nicolas Sparks quote and my prom dress was almost exactly like these dresses above! #70s

    Mary Z

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM

    We like Anne Murray songs at our house, too. I listen to the music and my hubby listens to the lyrics. Maybe your mom was just like me and thought it was a pretty song musically and did not pay attention to the lyrics. No matter, you know you were loved and that is what really counts. I so hope that "the butter doesn't slip off the noodles" here at our house....that made me both laugh and sigh. love and prayers, jep

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      I love Anne Murray, too - she sings in the key of "me" ;-)

      Her Christmas Album (I think I bought it through Hallmark) is one of my absolute favorites.

      ~ Susan

  4. Oh, Donna. I love, love, love the wedding-forgetting story. And you picked out the dresses! And dying inside. I can so relate. I forgot that I used to play the guitar until I saw a photo of me leading a group, guitar in hard, at my high school reunion.

    Isn't it fun to resurrect an old musical love, a la Anne Murray?

  5. Amy J in WI2:40 PM

    I missed the Anne Murray discussion. My mom had one album that I thought was "cool" and it was Anne Murray. I know every word to every song. And I like her low voice...I can sing along without straining. Ahhh....the memories.

    Oops on forgetting the weddding thing. Hope she doesn't read your blog :).

    I have been out of town, but I am now off to look at some senior pics. Can't wait!

  6. Anonymous3:27 PM

    What a sweet story about Sue not liking the song. I only remember my mom liking one artist enough to buy an album and that was Charlie Pride. (I didn't like country music, but liked that my mom liked him). Her favorite of his songs was "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" and I remember finding it a bit difficult to grasp that my serious-minded mother liked such a sappy song. Now it makes me a bit sad I didn't know her very well at all as a person, only as my mom.

    I have so many memory gaps. Through FB, I've been in touch with friends I went to elementary school or high school with and they've brought up things I had NO memory of whatsoever. It was a LONG time ago. :)

    Sandy C.

  7. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I have been away, but I'm home now where I can type away on my keyboard!! :-)

    My mother used to love Andy Williams and Nat King Cole. Plus soundtracks to her favorite movies or musicals. What sweet memories.

    Music still brings a tiny smile, even now when she's pretty unresponsive with advanced Alzheimers. Never underestimate the power of Music.

    I was in a wedding of a gal who I have not spoken to in at least 40 years. So strange.

    Your sister, Sue, sounds like such a sweetheart. Bless your heart, Donna.

    ~ Susan

  8. I've always been such a sucker for a sappy song. And one that has a poignancy under it all is even better.. that's why I love Snowbird. I sing it at the club regularly. My mom LOVED LOVED LOVED Anne Murray. Our family dance at my wedding was 'Could I have this dance' and those photos and that memory are DEEP treasures for me. What a song. I have the same experience, Donna, with weddings I've sung for - there are many, and I forget ALL the time. I'm not as good at covering it up. :)

    1. I *heart* 'Could I Have This Dance.'

  9. That's one of my favorite Anne Murray songs, too, along with Could I Have This Dance...(it will now be stuck in my head for days!) Poor Sue. I can see where that would have made her worry. My daughter was the same way.

    I have HOLES that I am ashamed to admit are there. Sometimes I just wonder.

  10. Dawn K7:28 PM

    What a sweet story. It's always possible that your mother just liked Anne Murray's voice and the catchy tune. If she was like my mother, it's possible that the lyrics didn't even register with her. I've had lots of fun over the years explaining the words and meaning of songs to my parents, who didn't always catch the meanings. In fact, we had lots of fun on a long road trip where I had time to explain to them what a "doobie" is, how the Doobie Brothers were not actually brothers, and what the "House of the Rising Sun" was.

    1. Donna9:00 PM

      Oh dear. I do not know what 'the house of the rising sun' is....

    2. Anonymous6:01 AM

      The song came out in 1964, I remember it well.

    3. Anonymous9:25 AM

      There is ... a house ... in New Orleans ...

      ~ S

    4. Cyndi K G9:50 PM

      I was thinking the same thing that Dawn said: "Snowbird" has a very pretty melody! I listen to lyrics pretty closely and the only thing that ever registered with me was that the singer wanted the snowbird to take the snow away ... a sentiment I share every New England spring!

    5. Dawn K10:28 AM

      FYI, the "house of the rising sun" is a house of "ill repute" (aka a whore house.)

  11. I know the song by heart but I don't know the 'special' meaning that Dawn was talking about.

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      I think it's a house of ill repute, so to speak? I only remember the first verse. I kinda wondered about you not knowing it - ha!!!

      Miz Boo knows her music, for sure ;-)

    2. Anonymous1:11 PM

      I read on the internet that one interpretation is that the house was a drug house and the singer is telling young people not to follow his example. The lyrics seem to suggest that his mother was a fine person, a tailor...but his father was into drinking and gambling, so a poor example for a father maybe. This is one song my freshman English prof. did not make us write about...we did have to write about several Simon and Garfunkel songs I recall. ;-) jep


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