Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Downton Abbey: Excuses

My title has a double meaning.
My excuse and Baxter's.
Hers is much, much, much more compelling.
Mine is lame.

I watched Downton Abbey after nearly having a stroke due to the Green Bay Packers.
I was out of sorts and missed the first 15 minutes.
Then I just listened and relaxed and didn't think much.

I caught Baxter's excuse for stealing and it was not so shocking.
Dumb but not shocking.

I remember that and the Dowager lecturing Mary.  

But really.  Remind me of why you liked or did not like this episode of Downton Abbey.
I forget.

Seriously.  I was in shock.

Jep shared this in the comments.
Another wonderful quote from our friend.

"No matter where life takes you...the place where you stand at any moment is holy ground. Love hard and love wide and love long, and you will find the goodness in it." 

~Susan Vreeland 

Bye, bye!  Love you! Thank you! Mean it.

Encourage one another,


  1. I have trouble posting to your blog for some reason. I will make it short: Packer 5 min. Debacle left me apoplectic and heart broken. Watched Downton Monday. Don't like many of the storylines--Anna and Bates-tired and Edith's-come on! I know there must be progress, but when Matthew went, much of me went with him. I still love the dowager and Isabel.

  2. Amy J in WI11:05 AM

    The most shocking part of Downton on Sunday was the possibility that the Dowager has a secret in her past....having to do with a mysterious Russian. It was fun to see her all rattled.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Somehow I knew that Mary was going to go on her fling with Tony Gillingham (sp?) and then decide that she doesn't love him. Big mistake on her part in so many ways. I think she is going to have a hard time truly loving anyone after Matthew. My hope is that the writers are planning on a true love for her down the road. And while I feel for Edith, I feel even more for Mrs. Drewes since I am the mother of two grown adopted children. Edith needs to be sensitive to the people who are loving and raising the child she gave birth to and not push her presence as much right now. I loved Isobel's touche remark to the Dowager after the Russian had been solicitous to her and brought up a past. Ah Downtown Abbey...always entertaining.

    Debbie Z.

  4. Happy Family together time. Love their home

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Oh those dear precious Grand Boys of yours make me smile with their enthusiasm and expressions. Just looking at that photo makes me both mellow and misty eyed. Thanks for sharing. That is a place of love...indeed! So sorry about your Packers. We were pulling for them. We have Downton in our queue on Netflix and now I am wondering if I want to watch it. I could just turn the sound off and admire the clothing and sets. As always it is joyful to come here to QL. love and prayers, jep

  6. Did like:
    Rose’s visit with the Russians and the tea in their honor,
    The Dowager’s story about the fan – and her Russian admirer popping out of the crowd,
    Tom telling Mary that, if she loves him, she should support his decisions and her agreement,
    Cora’s enjoyment of the art and her opening up about her youth,
    Baxter being told she can stay at Downton,
    The Dowager’s butler (can’t remember his name!) trying to decide whether to reveal who he saw in Liverpool and
    The Dowager (deceitfully) putting him in his place.

    Did not like:
    The policeman sniffing around about Mr. Bates (put that storyline to rest already),
    Edith’s pain when Sibby and George are brought in to visit with their nannies,
    Mrs. Drewes’ obvious pain with Edith’s constant presence and her palpable fear that Edith had taken Marigold,
    Mary’s lack of caring for Edith (“Has Edith appeared distracted to you?” “I’m not sure I’d notice.”)
    Lord Grantham’s hurtful remarks to Cora

    So very sorry about your beloved Pack. That pain/shock doesn’t go away very quickly. ((hugs))

    1. Agree with all you said, Mary Z ... it was a good episode but time to move on with some of the story lines. Felt the interchange between Mary and Tom was especially warm and thoughtful ~ liked it a lot. I really, really, really do NOT like the school teacher ... she just rubs me the wrong way.

      Ah, the Packers ... still to painful to talk about. Will not be watching the Super Bowl since they aren't part of it ... no reason to. Linda

  7. I enjoyed Violet and the Prince - their story beginning. I also am glad Baxter told the rest of the story. Edith continues to grate, and Miss Hunting, too. This was an okay episode, but nothing too exciting happened, really. Still, I like it when they go to London. Cora looked pretty. Robert better wake up and smell the coffee!

  8. P.S. Miss BUNTing !

    I echo Mary, so sorry about your team!

  9. No Downton for me. I need to get on the list at the library and catch up before I start this season. I think I am two + seasons behind!

    I LOVE that picture of Grandboy #2 (whose name completely escapes me right now.) That is one happy face.

    I should not have cheered for your team on Sunday, Donna. Everyone I root for loses these days! What a heart-breaking loss. At least Russell Wilson is a gem...what a sweet young man. And Crissy and Corky must be beyond thrilled. But I really wanted the Pack to win. And the Colts. And that is not even discussing the disappointing season as a 49er fan. Sigh.

    I just picked up the book that jep quotes. Look forward to reading it.

    Happy Tuesday all,

  10. To date, I have resisted watching Downton because I feared missing it too often and then having to catch up, etc. which happened as I got hooked on Call the Midwives and am now hopelessly behind. Someday I will start and watch the all the seasons in one very long sitting.

    BUT I totally get the being in shock part on Sunday night. I feel like I still can't think clearly. Seriously, what happened to our beloved Packers?! I have some pretty important things I need to be able to focus on so I hope this shock/stunned/depression passes soon!

    Tammy ~@~

  11. Oh...my goodness...that quote completely inspires me! Knock my socks off inspired. It aligns so closely with my hopes for this year! Thanks for sharing it!!!

    1. I agree, Bri ... so much so that I copied it into my journal. Loved it! Linda

  12. Perhaps it's silly, but I was excited to get caught up on Downton so I could add my comments here :) Last night I watched the most recent one, and now I should be able to keep up with the live broadcasts.
    I agree with what Debbie Z said about Edith. She seems... very unaware of herself. I feel badly for her though. Even her parents seem to think she's a nuisance! Poor Edith :(
    I am continually taken aback by the things they hide and are ashamed of in this show. Baxter's excuse is one of them. Mrs. Bates being so very cautious about hiding that little brown bag's identity from Mr. Bates. Dowager deceiving her butler as to the reason for Mary's presence in Liverpool. I love how important reputations are to everyone. It's so very different than my own life and definitely makes me consider things differently.
    Sorry about the Packers. My mom is a huge fan, so I was watching the game for her and was quite surprised at the outcome! I did send her a couple cheeky texts about Rodgers limping run and the extra chub on some of those linemen :) She takes them very seriously, so I enjoy getting a couple jabs in just to ruffle her feathers. What are daughters for, right?!

  13. Just watched Sunday's episode~~If the episodes were titled, this one should be "Secrets and Lies." I love listening to Daisy chatter on about learning, however, I dislike the teacher. I don't like the way Cora always calls her maid by her last name. Edith with Marigold, the poor mom. Cora with the art man, BAD idea Cora. The whole episode I was tense waiting to see what would happen next! I saw in the scenes that something is going on with Barrow.

    Sorry about the Packers, Donna. :(

  14. Cyndi K G8:23 PM

    I just watched Downton last night and am finally caught up for this season. Some thoughts:
    I do not dislike Edith: Mary has been just as troublesome to Edith as the other way around ... and I still like Mary. Why not Edith as well?! I hope she is able to claim that little girl as her own and have her come to Downton. I hate to see mother and child split up!
    I don't love Lord Gilliam. I have thought about it and have come to this conclusion: the writers gave Matthew a personality and a purpose so we grew to care for him. I think they will have to do that for another character for us to be delighted to have Mary remarry! Lord Gilliam is just another self-involved upper crust dude!

    Sympathies on the Packers. I spent the weekend with my daughter and son-in-law who do not have network TV, so I was following the game on my phone. It seemed as tho I checked and the Packers had a healthy lead with 6 minutes to go in the game ... and then I looked again and they had lost. Not sure what happened!

  15. I really like how Cora revealed more about herself, her background before England, in this episode. She enjoyed Bricker's attention without encouraging him.

    As for maids, she always called O'Brien by her last name. Mary uses Anna's first name because of two "Bates" servants in the house.


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