Monday, January 12, 2015

The Globes. Awards that is.

hahaha.  funny title.  
not so many 'globes'.

We were at a volleyball tournament until eight o'clock last night so I did not get to see the red carpet of the Golden Globes.  I watched what I could when I got home and jotted down the pretties...and this morning I googled to see what I had missed.  Here are my favorites from last night.  
While I know many of the faces,  I did not know MOST of the shows.  I mean... are these television shows on in American TV?  I'm disappointed that television has become PAY TV. You need to buy HBO and Showtime and Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch the shows that were up for nominations and winning.  It's really crummy.    
So that's how I feel about that.  It bugs me.

So pretty.

My favorite red dress.  OH! YES.  I don't care for the hair and make up because Allison is so beautiful...but not in this picture.  In fact, the hair is too harsh for this feminine dress.

This is elegant and really works for me.  And you should have seen that necklace sparkle.  

Big winner in my eyes.

I always choose a dress that has this very deep V.  I think this look is just gorgeous on Sienna.
This may be my favorite.

This dress was really spectacular when I saw Juliane walk up to get her award.  Very cool.

I love how Lupita looks. The texture of the bodice is neat!  If I was the designer I would have done a different print on the bottom.  I don't like the gold splatters.  But who am I?  

Newly married.  Newly pregnant.  They look so in love.  Not.

I would guess most people hate this dress. (Keira is expecting.) But you know me.  I love it.
I love every weird part of it.  It's Chanel.

Which dresses did you like?
I have a worst dressed in mind but decided to let it go....
I don't want to be mean.

Look who won a Globe!!!  Anna.  She is so tan and happy.  And isn't it nice to see Edith looking so beautiful!?
Notice Julian Fellows with the photobomb....kind of.  :o)

I watched Downton Abbey this morning but am not really ready to talk about it.  I have Golden Globes on my mind.

Always happy to hear your opinions,


  1. Thanks for posting. I missed it with granddaughters here. I knew you'd have the fashion update. ;) I'm with you on the Pay TV thing.

    I may have missed this or read it and forgot, but did you see the George Clooney Lord Hollywood spoof with the Downton Abbey cast? It's hilarious. The show seemed a bit slow to me last night until the very end. Mercy.

  2. I think cumberbatch is just engaged, not married, unless I missed it, which is so possible. And is that Anna Kendrick in the first pic? That's lovely. And it's hard for me to admire Alison Williams because of that truly raunchy show. But that is a really pretty dress!! And everyone looked so fake tanned! Ack

    1. You are probably right. Their chemistry is not good either way. I watched two episodes of girls and was disgusted. Still like Allison tho. Yes, that's Anna.

  3. Hey, I love your pics for best looks!

    (Love the pun, too!)

    As red is my favorite color, I could not help but smile when I took a look this a.m. on BBC news online to see the fashions. I zoomed in on Kiera's dress and decided I loved all the details and if anyone could pull it off, she could!

    I am curious what you thought of Downton but will patiently wait til tomorrow.

    I have no access to American television, cable or otherwise, and we keep changing our minds back and forth about signing up for Netflix now that it is available here. But I have a feeling I would be thinking along the same lines as you about pay TV.

    From looking at the nominees it seems like a lot of English actors were up for awards. I'm tickled "Anna" won :-)

    1. P.S. did anybody else see Boyhood? A pretty anazing undertaking.

      I eventually went to see "Still Alice" - the book made quite an impact on me.

  4. Oh the Downton ladies look stunning!! Thank goodness. ;)

    I LOVE the blue and red pregnant gown on the very unhappy looking pregnant gal.

    It's weird how Keira pulls that off but she does.

    I love the red gowns.

    Question....why red carpet for all these years? I hate it. I think the carpet should be neutral so it doesn't clash with the pretty gowns.

  5. I love your dress posts, Donna :) I totally agree about Allison Williams. The dress is gorgeous, but I almost didn't see the dress because the hair and makeup were so... harsh! I also really loved Emma Stone's pantsuit.

    I thought your comment about paying for TV was interesting. We do not have cable, which is the case for at least 50% of the people in my circles. The reason is that we can access everything worth watching with our local channels (free with antenna) and Netflix (I think it's $8/month). We buy almost everything through Amazon, so we have Amazon Prime for somewhere around $70/year to save on shipping costs (Prime gives you 'free' 2-day shipping), and that includes Amazon Prime: Instant Video. I guess my point is, assuming you pay for cable, it ends up being a LOT cheaper to use these other web-based TV watching services. And I love that these 'networks' are producing material that depicts life in ways that are very relevant to my life (moreso than most of the sitcoms and reality TV shows) as well as expose me to alternative lifestyles. Of course, you're completely entitled to your opinion, but I wanted to tell you why it DOES make sense for some people :)

    1. We don't have cable either, but we have Netflix and amazon prime.. And as a mom of youngsters, I have almost reversed that decision many times, because of the stuff thwt becomes available for them to view. But we run it on pretty tight lockdown, so we've been ok. I watch most of my tv on the pbs app. :)

    2. We are trying to figure that all out. My hubby really wants espn and that seems to be on that we would have to buy a special machine to get. So we stick with cable until we can figure out the espn. We would love to cut costs and get rid of cable... I would miss hgtv and cooking shows to be honest.

  6. She looked Like Cinderella at the ball. Perfect dress for Into the WOODS Cinderella

  7. Oh man. We are right with you there about cable. My husband would miss ESPN. It is his only treat for himself. At the risk of repeating myself (its never stopped me before) I don't like Hollywood or awards shows but I adore your next-day commentary. I did catch a glimpse of Tina Fey's dress and liked it. It wasn't revealing at all. You know me. The only time I would like a deep v-neck is if someone pairs it with a nice little turtleneck :) Oh, and is it pitiful that I don't recognize anyone in your photos? But actors are just really beautiful people.

  8. Regarding the red dress of Julianna Margulies: the seam bugs me. Why is there a seam at the knees? It's like a homemade dress that was changed from short to cocktail length. So weird.

    1. I wondered about that too. I thought the bodice had odd seams too so thought it was a designers attempt at being 'interesting'. But looks added on.

  9. I LOVED Emma Stone's fun pantsuit thing. I saw someone on IG last night draw it and say she had "the confidence of youth". Well, that seems about right. I thought she looked adorable and fun.

    Love that top dress of Anna K's and Naomi Watts' rainboot yellow dress with the cool diamond necklace. Also, I love that Sienna dress you showed. I think the beautiful back really makes it. Just lovely.

    I LOATHED Ruth somebody or other's turquoise and green mess of a dress -- she looked like she couldn't walk at all in it so maybe that was what bothered me most.

    And, honestly, Amul was my MOST favorite person there. She far and away outshone all the celebrities in my opinion. She is captivating. I saw someone tweeted -- Amul seems pretty bored at her husband's office party. Ha! I think she is so beautiful and love that they seem to adore each other. Just a bit of unexpected authenticity in a crowd of part-players, I suppose. :)

    1. Whoops -- and it's Amal not Amul. Clearly we're just as close as can be. HAHA!

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      I agree, Amanda, that Ruth Wilson's dress was very strange. It was like it was turned inside out and the seam selvage was on the outside. She, however, will always be my favorite Jane Eyre. Nobody has done the role more justice. But yes, the dress was a very odd choice.

      Debbie Z.

    3. She's my fave Jane Eyre too!!!!!

  10. I didn't watch the program but did check out the dresses in the morning. Some really beautiful ones and others which made me scratch my head. I can imagine they spent weeks (if not months) getting ready for this event plus can only imagine how frantic the "day of" is with their stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc. I'd rather sit at home and catch it on TV ;-) As for cable ... the cost is obscene for the small amount of quality programing you can get without having to pay for the premium channels. We disconnect cable during the summer months because we are outside 99.9% of the time and never watch TV. Winter (think Northern Michigan) is another story. So, I reactivate the cable and get some extra channels to catch some of the programs we want to see ... many are show in re-run from the summer anyhow. What they charge for cable services is obscene but they can call the shots. Jumping off my soapbox now .... next??? Linda

  11. Donna,

    The kids and I caught the end of the red carpet and the first part of the award show last night...a rare event for us.

    I was able to see Anna win her award, and her authentic gratitude was terrific.

    Re: Benedict and fiance/wife...I Cannot Imagine standing there on the red carpet while people took my picture. I get the chatting in the crowd paparazzi snapping pics thing, but standing there, posing? That would make me so self-conscious, so I have sympathy for any grimaces! I think her dress and look was my favorite. Classic style, such unusual fabric, and the perfect choice for her coloring!

    My first reaction to Kiera's dress was negative, but I suspected you would like it so I looked more closely and it is growing on me. But, the butterfly? What is that?

    We have only recently had any television reception, and even then it is only two or three channels, depending on which way the wind blows and where we stand in the room (and you think I am kidding? Nope.) so I am used to having to watch my television via websites. We love Netflix, watch some on Hulu, and we are Amazon Prime customers, too. If we had ESPN we would watch WAY too much television, but we have dear friends who let us watch games like tonight's Oregon game. We bring food and beer, and they get cable for six months of the year. It is a happy arrangement. Now, if March Madness was not on network television we might just get ESPN (-;

    Love the red carpet posts, Donna. THANKS.


  12. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Drove home from taking Molly back to school in a surprise snowstorm and just barely made it home in time for Downton, so I recorded the Globes and watched after D.A. Since it was late, I did lots of fastforwarding to try and catch all the pretty dresses, but I know I missed some. Thanks for the fun recap! I do like Keira's dress except for the bottom. That style looks like something her character in Begin Again would wear. :)

    Mary Z

  13. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Oh my goodness, I'm so excited that I was able to comment! Not from my phone, iPad or work computer, but from Greg's! I may have to hijack it in order to stay in touch with the QLCS fam!!

    Mary Z

    1. Woot!!! So happy!! What is with all the snow!? Seems you have a lake effect thing going on!! Stay safe!

  14. Oh how I look forward to your dress reviews! The dress no one likes has now been viewed through your eyes. I really like that girl's style now that you mention it! I like the gold splashes with purple but I thought the bodice too short. It looks like it is falling down! But then, I am notoriouslyin a camp of I would rather not see your bosom madam, so of course I would hike up most of these. However, the designer could have achieved a bit more balance with that one. That being said, it is gorgeous and I love it.

  15. I wanted to watch just so I could talk to you about in intelligently. I never did.
    : )
    I am not a huge tv watcher. Gary watches EVERY SECOND. In fact, on the one morning he doesn't get up at 5:30 and go to work, I get mad because he puts the tv on and wakes me up. Who in the world watches tv at 5:30????

    I like pretty dresses. I always love your take.


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