Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let's hear it for sleeves!

I saw a news story last week about how women can not find dresses with long sleeves.
I never really thought about it.  Then I looked back at Oscar dresses from the past and sure enough 95% of dresses were sleeveless.

So I went looking for pretty long sleeve dresses.  Some of them I have actually posted on this blog before...funny enough.

I'll tell you up front which one is my favorite.

This gorgeous Elie Saab.
The perfect dress. 

Certainly sexy enough for those sexy gals.

Elie Saab dresses.  

You don't have to be old to wear sleeves.

More Elie

So gorgeous.  Oh Oscar.  You were the best.

Very young.  Very hip actress in Valentino.

Elie.  Could this be prettier?

I posted this a year or so ago.  Love it.

Really lovely Carolina Herrera.

Oh my. Valentino.

It can be done. Long sleeves can be found and they can be utterly gorgeous.

Which is your favorite?



  1. In my perfect world, the Carolina Herrera is my favorite. I already have it posted on Pinterest. I have this feeling that it's fancy enough but casual in a beachy sort of way. I love nearly anything she does.
    Elie Saab. Oh. My. Heart. Stunning. My breasts just couldn't manage them. ;-)

  2. Janice11:17 AM

    I was looking for dresses for an upcoming wedding and it's really hard to find a cute dress with sleeves!! (that isn't Valentino)

    1. Hi! Garnet Hill has some neat dresses you may like.

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    All are absolutely gorgeous but I love the aqua dress on the left in the sixth photo. Dream-like and classy. I have tried very hard in the last few years to find dresses with sleeves to wear to weddings and other events and have been very frustrated with all of the sleeveless dresses- even in the winter. I have resorted to sleeveless dresses with a cardigan or jacket. Let's be honest, how many women over the age of forty love their arms? I know I am not very fond of mine. Sometimes I have to laugh when I think about Garrison Keillor's Lake Woebegone Days and the boys in the grade school classroom who named their teacher's arms Hoppy and Bob as she worked at the chalkboard. : )

    Debbie Z.

  4. I thought I had seen all the beauty in those Elie Saab dresses, each one taking my breath away - but then I saw the Oscar and gasped audibly. That is INCREDIBLE.

  5. Since red is my favorite color, you can guess which I like the best!

  6. Hands down, the Oscar. But doesn't it help that the woman is smiling. Honestly, do they have a class How to Look Peeved in modeling school?

  7. They are all wonderful, but the one by Oscar is gorgeous.

  8. Wow You pick dresses that are stunning ! They all look ITCHY to me. I remember wearing lace as a child and it was so irritating to me. Im that way with clothing...

  9. Dogmom1:53 PM

    I too love all those fancy dresses with sleeves. But as a woman of a certain age (over 55) and not slim who works in a court and needs to dress somewhere between business suits (too hot!) and dressy casual (??) -- and I usually shop at Penney's, Kohl's, and occasionally Nordstrom -- it's really, really difficult to find dresses and blouses that have more than cap sleeves and that go below the knee. So I end up getting sleeveless blouses and wear them with light sweaters, but in San Diego even that's a little too warm most of the year. I just hate the average-person styles these days; they sure are overwhelmingly for the younger set, many of whom seem to dress for work like they're going to a night club. Love the Elie dresses. I cracked up at the Garrison Keillor story!

  10. Anonymous1:57 PM

    The red dress is lovely, but the V neck is too low. The yellow Elie one has a better neckline I think or the neckline on the dress Helen Mirren wore to accept her best actress Oscar would look good on the red one. I do like long sleeves or three quarter sleeves. It is hard to find long sleeve dresses these days. You found some pretty ones, thanks Donna. love and prayers, jep

  11. All so beautiful that I can't pick a favorite, but the full sleeves in the last picture are so beautiful and different. When shopping for prom last year, Molly wanted to find a style similar to the 4th picture. Sadly, there just weren't any reasonably priced prom dresses with sleeves. The good news is, when you're 18 you pretty much look fabulous in everything. :)

  12. You have impeccable taste, Donna. I wish I could see the front of the Oscar dress. I am drawn to the flowy gowns with pockets because I have to have something to do with my hands. The fourth one is my favorite...or the Valentino. Again, I would love to see the whole thing. If the neckline were a little less plunging I would choose the red.

  13. My favorite is Diane von Furstenburg's iconic wrap dress. I'm a sucker for a pretty day dress!

    1. That's a perfect long sleeve dress.

  14. The fabric in that last dress? Oh my. I just want to sink into it! And I agree with Carol (for the gazillionth time in my life) -- a smile makes beauty all the more beautiful!

    Thanks for adding to the beauty, Donna Dear.


  15. I love this! I have several books about Jaqueline Kennedy and somewhere I had read that she preferred her suit jackets with 3/4 sleeves because it was more flattering. And all my favorites above are that length. I do love it. That red dress at the top is perfection!

  16. oh my -- you found some gorgeous dresses! Wish I had reason to wear one of those sometime.

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