Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One more dress and Onion Dip.

One little thing about the beautiful long sleeve dresses.
When I choose dresses, I NEVER think about them for me.

Here is what I would be wearing.

And I assure you, that I would not look this slim.
But the hair.  I could probably rock that! :o)


Let's talk about food now, okay?
Will you be watching the Super Bowl and will you be making snacks?

We will be at a volleyball tournament all day so I won't be cooking that day.  I think I will make some of Amy Theilen's French Onion Dip and we will probably have pizza in some form.
But that's it for this year.  Following is the link to the recipe including a video.
It's easy and delicious. 

Encourage one another,


  1. First I read halfway through, and remembered I hadn't made arrangements for the Super Bowl. I called my MIL and asked if we could come watch on their big TV, I'd bring the food. [Our boys insist that our 24" TV is substandard. I want to add a window in the living room on the wall where the TV is. My oldest said, skip the window and get a real TV!]

    I looked at the recipe, decided to make it (fried onions are paradise), came back to comment, and read "including a video." Went back, watched the video, and I have a gallon or so of drool pooling in my mouth. Oh. man.

    Will you be neutral, Donna, or rooting for the Patriots? We missed the game last week. I sort of have to go for Seattle with my kids living there.

  2. I love your story-comment :)
    Can't pick a team. Too much baggage.
    I'll enjoy the commercials and the dip!!

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Now that is a dress! So pretty and that is a lovely person wearing it is too. I feel like I should know her name, but don't. Going to read and watch about the dip now. I just read a recipe from our online additional to the one thrown in our yard newspaper. It is a recipe for a whole cooked chicken cooking it in a pint of milk with lemon peel, sage, a cinnamon stick and garlic cloves. It is almost enough to make me want to cook. love and prayers, jep ;-)

    1. The pretty lady is a singer named Adele. She is from England. Very young.
      That is the strangest way to cook chicken I've ever heard of. I'm making boxed brownies this afternoon. Katie will be happy. They have frosting! Yum

    2. Anonymous2:55 PM

      It is a Jamie Oliver recipe and he says the chicken is so tender and the sauce is outstanding. Me, I would choose the brownies! jep

  4. Both onion dip and frosted brownies sound fabulous! Maybe that's what we'll have during the big game. :)

    Hope Katie is enjoying her club season! I'll be at Marquette on Saturday to see Molly in a tournament and am really looking forward to it.

    1. And Donna, you could totally rock that hairstyle!!

  5. Cyndi K G3:32 PM

    I will be watching with 3 daughters and their husbands/boyfriend/children. I have a yen to eat some chicken nachos, so that is what I will contribute. I love the Super Bowl -- not just because I live near Boston, but because it is so easy to build a party around it!

  6. What Super Bowl? I'm right there with you on the dress. I have to cover my arms!

    1. Hmmm, I feel just like Kathy.....haven't followed any of the hoopla. May or may not watch the game. Food will probably be the usual Sunday night popcorn.


      Tammy ~@~

  7. That dress, but oh, that voice, what a gift! I am about ready for a new album from Miss Adele! I love singing along with her, just knowing I sound like her....
    I will be Super Bowling it with my friends Emma-dog, Gussy and Lola. They will have peanut butter Kongs from the freezer, and I will probably pick something up for me.
    Donna, there must be a little part of you rooting for my Patriots, if only for your dear friend. ;-) xoxo

  8. Donna - I just watched this awesome video about Aaron Rodgers and how he's helping kids who lost a parent in the war. I know it's not really on the subject of your post but I thought of you when I read it so I de-lurked to show it to you. I thought you would love it too...

  9. Probably not watching much of the Super Bowl since neither the Packers nor Steelers are involved ... but .... may just have to try that dip for "exploratory" purposes ... LOL. I always wear sleeves ... even in summer ... I have "flying squirrel" upper arms no matter how much I work out ... just a "curse" I guess ;-) Linda


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