Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Instagram days

Katie says....yay! Happy people :D

I love Instagram.  I like better than twitter and facebook.
It's easy to take selfies with your phone.
It's not easy to take a selfie with your big camera.

So I can get in the picture with my friends and family and that makes me super happy.

Waiting to play another game!!

I pretty much refuse to take pictures in gyms.
Except with my phone.

Finally saw Frozen. #cute #olaf #photobomb

Out to lunch. Solo.

And as with the fancy camera....it's all about the light.

Quiveys Grove for a impromptu Fat Tuesday party.  Pop, cheese curds and onion rings.

This is how we celebrate Fat Tuesday.
Pop. cheese curds and onion rings.  You know you want to come to our party!

Every day. Almost to Starbucks. #imacomin'

Ooooo..I'm driving my life away....


A most wonderful awful picture.

John Deere as art. @EPIC

I love this face

Good morning!

I love this picture.

Good morning. You may pet me.

You may pet me.

We have the prettiest dog park. #beautifulnight #nofilter

dog park


our pretty state capital

In color. #bradfordbeach #burr #summer?

yup. taken with my phone.

Pretty Milwaukee night.


Birthday bowler


@bakermillerchi  The most delicious cinnamon rolls. Flavorful. Perfect. With each bite we groaned a wee yum. #lincolnsquarechicago #artisans

My little corner of the world.

There we go. All three boys up today. Patty cake with daddy. #matthew #malachi

Old sweater hijinks

Looking for mommy at the mall  #sweetcop #littlelostguy

Little lost guy.

My boy Patrick. Thanks for coming to visit! It means the world to me! 12-15-14

I'm really thankful for my camera phone...and Instagram.
(With Instagram I can edit and send the pictures to my computer AND send them out immediately to my friends and family.)
It's just the best!

Thank you for stopping by!
It's so much more fun with friends.

Donna Elsie


  1. Such lovely and fun pictures. They display your heart right through the computer screen. :)

    And I agree with you on "no big camera in the gym"....gyms and indoor arenas (where we have livestock shows) are just the worst. Lol, first world problems right? :) Happy day to you!

  2. I love seeing photos of you with your girls. Getting on the other side of the camera is hard, but so worth it. That photo of the tractor looks like a scale model. Is it real? And, yes, sometimes the best photos are the awful ones. Believe me, I know. ;) You make me long for a smartphone...again. Now that my daughter and her family have moved away (with my granddaughters and new grandson) she is beginning to take more photos with her phone. I cherish them all. Someone told me you don't have to have a Facebook account or smartphone to make an instagram account. I haven't followed up on it yet. Anyone know about that?

  3. I don't know what a smartphone is ... Doh!
    The tractor is a real big tractor. I used a tool on my picture that just focuses on the tractor and blurs everything else. The fancy term is tilt-shift. Makes it look like a train model :)

    1. Well, it certainly worked well! I have a flip phone. ;)

  4. Agree agree agree on Instagram! It is the best for catching photos of my children and grandchildren who live far, far away. Thankful for kids who snap and post!

  5. Okay I better learn how to do that. Facebook irritates me sometimes. Is insta easy?
    LOVE little lost boy. Love TWEET pictures. Love YOU

  6. sonjasunshine11:02 AM

    I LOVE Instagram! So quick and easy, and it's easy to be very private. And, as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you!

  7. Fun photos Donna! I Love Instagram also. You can say it all with a picture!

  8. Oh how I knew I just loved you! I big puffy heart love IG. I often say it's my love language. All the little moments of my day that I want to remember in one little corner of the world. I've also been selective in whom I am following and it's become such a source of joy and inspiration in my day. My feed is filled with beauty and love of all kinds -- unlike my FB feed which I'm finally abandoning bc it seems to be filled with everyone complaining.

    Also, down with gym lighting! All the photography loving people of the world unite to make gyms more camera friendly. ha! Beautiful day to you!

  9. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Such a treat to see that black and white photo with the salt and pepper shakers again. I love it so much. You capture peaceful stills so well.

    Debbie Z.

  10. What great pictures! Do you edit/apply filters on your phone or do you upload to computer and edit there? Or maybe these are all straight out of the camera?

    1. I almost always add the Instagram filters. Rarely put the pix in Photoshop .

  11. Anonymous8:31 AM

    You always find the light!
    love and prayers, jep

  12. I loved the 2014 recap post and pics and the insta post and of course the DA talk.....even though I'm a little bored with it and still missing some of the old characters.

    Anywhoooo, love your stories through pictures. They are truly beautiful.

    Love you.


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