Monday, January 26, 2015

Downton Abbey: Love and Marriage

This post will contain spoilers about the current Downton Abbey season.
You've been warned!  :op

What the wah???

I am not the Queen of the big picture.  You all see it long before I do.  But this episode was clearly about love and marriage in the time of Downton Abbey.  
That picture above...In that scene Katie and I looked at one another and said "AWWW"  at least five times.  It was so sweet.  
You must all tell me.  Why does she not want to marry again?

The Dowager's comments about her husband.  So telling.  

Mary and Lord Gillingham's frank discussion at the Peter Pan fountain.  Oh my gosh!

Cora and Lord Grantham.  Rocky...but solidly of the times.
Cora is not really fretting and thinking about leaving (like women of today would) she is in it for the long haul and doesn't expect her marriage to be 'happy', I don't think.

Shrimpy divorcing, and what a scandal that will bring.

Rose saying she wants to marry for love.

Bates giving Anna a quick kiss.

Edith loves her baby.  

Tom loves the family.  I think they love him too.

Tom and that awful woman.  (I HATE that people other than Tom keep inviting that awful woman to dinner.)  Please let him be done with her.

The downstairs stories were not about love and marriage were they?

Is Barrow a drug addict, sick or taking medicine to stop being gay?
Did Anna or Bates shove Green?
Daisy becomes a revolutionary. (Just go run your farm Daisy.)
Lord Grantham hears Patmore and understands. 
Mr. Carson is stuffier than Lord Grantham...again.

Oh! How marriage is a very different thing in our times.
I liked this episode and I think Isobel should say YES!  Why on earth not?

What do you think?



  1. Yes! Isobel should accept his proposal.
    The hope conversation with the Russians made me laugh out loud.
    "I agree. Hope is a tease designed to prevent us accepting reality."
    "Oh, you only say that to sound clever."
    "I know. You should try it." Bahahahaha!

    And the dowager's, "I won't take sides, it's true. But I don't think I could ever be described as neutral."

    I'm wondering where Anna was that night now. Bates or Anna?

    And who knows with Tom. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on.

    I'm shocked Mary stood there and took Gillingham's tirade. The way she followed him when he began walking off surprised me, too. I'm too far removed from those times I suppose.

    That woman. Please write her off the show. I can't stand it when she comes to dinner anymore. What next? A food fight?

  2. It didn't seem to me good or proper manners for Mrs. Crawley to say (insist) who should be invited to dinner. She wasn't inviting and she was a guest herself. For all the "proper" manners all the time, her pushing for the rude teacher's presence didn't seem real, just a plot set up.

    I do like how all the plot lines keep rushing along, no waiting to find out what happens.

    PBS had some wicked teasers too.

  3. Y.E.S.


    I loved his proposal. LURVED it.

    I was glad Mary spoke up to Miss Grumpy ... er Bunting. "Happy now?"

    Cora and her glances and hurt looks say a lot.

    Robert scooching in between her and Bricker to look at the painting ... ha!!

    Finally, Baxter has the milk of human kindness, when she has every reason to be indifferent. Bless her.

    Thanks, Donna!

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Donna, I loved your assessments. My husband and I had a discussion regarding just what Barrows is up to also. And yes, Isobel should accept the proposal. I think marriage, and hopefully love, would soften her and make her quit doing mean things like inviting the horrible teacher to dinner. There was so much major drama last night. I loved every minute of it.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I feel sorry for Lord Grantham when he acts like a boor because he's concerned about his wife and the art guy. He sees trouble ahead and he's hoping she'll show more discernment, but she seems clueless and relishing the attention. Then Lord Grantham gets frustrated and acts like a jerk and creates more distance in his marriage. It's a clear picture of men/women difficulties!

  6. Cora relishes the attention because Robert is being thoughtless these days. I think he is clueless about Bricker's appreciation of Cora's opinions and personality. Cora is not quite as clueless. Just my humble opinion.

  7. Yes to Isobel saying yes! Although I will be sad if a marriage lessens the number of scenes she and the Dowager are in together. They make for such good TV!!

    I know Cora is enjoying the attention, but feel she should try to quash a bit of Mr. Merton's enthusiasm for her. When he said "I'm about to burst!" it was too much for me. :)

    Edith's sadness was so palpable last night. And I can't imagine Anna had anything to do with the crime!

    Finally, I still love Tom.

    1. Not Mr. Merton! I meant Mr. Bricker.

      No one should take away any of Lord Merton's enthusiasm! It was quite charming.

    2. Hi Mary Z! I love Tom, too!

      And I agree, Mr. Bricker is too gushy - the line about bursting is over the top.

      BTW, how many of us are remembering Robert's behavior with the housemaid, Jane, back during the war??

    3. I remember. That's why I say this marriage goes up and down but it will go on.

  8. Regarding Cora, Lord G and the art guy: I think Cora is being naive and clueless, either on purpose or not, because the art guy is clearly being lecherous and trying to put moves on a married woman under the nose of her husband! I can't fault Lord G but I think the appearance of his cousin Shrimpy and that divorce story line will serve as a wake up call as happily married men often get a shaking when meeting a divorced or unhappy man.

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  10. Anonymous9:51 AM

    My gal pals and I were talking about this episode last night too. Loved your questions on Thomas, we hadn't thought of a cure for his sexuality. Although not much happened in terms of action, it sure was a thought provoking episode. We were mostly impressed with the risks Mary has been taking given the times. Great post!

  11. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I think Tom is taking hormone therapy. Have you seen Imitation Game? That's what it reminds me of!
    If you haven't seen Imitation Game, you must!

  12. I'm wondering though about Isobel and the doctor instead of Merton. I'm actually starting to feel bad for Barrow. He is human after all.

  13. I'm wondering though about Isobel and the doctor instead of Merton. I'm actually starting to feel bad for Barrow. He is human after all.

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