Monday, February 02, 2015

Downton and Lincoln Square

Katie and I drove down to Chicago on Friday morning so we could go to Emma's neurologist appointment with her.  After nearly four months of trying, Emma got in to see a neurologist who came highly recommended by our dear nurse friend Kathyb and the other nurses at Evanston hospital.
She was great!  She is taking 'charge' of Emma's case.  Emma is not left on her own any more to guess and continue to have seizures (as has been the case in the last few months.)
New Doctor is ordering tests and checking blood levels...and then she is calling to give results immediately.  She said to call any time and we know she means it.
We are both so happy and feel Emma is in good hands.  Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.

We came home Saturday afternoon because Katie was suppose to have a volleyball tournament on Sunday...which was cancelled due to a snowstorm.

Saturday morning we walked around and shopped a little in Lincoln Square.  I took a few pictures.

Love you.
Mean it.


Last night after the Super Bowl (which was a great game) I watched Downton Abbey.

Briefly, my observations...

I love watching this show but I am not very happy with some of the mail story lines.
I do not like the whole investigation of Anna.  That whole topic should have been left in the past.  There must have been something more interesting that Anna and Bates could have done this season.  Blech.

I don't mind the Cora and Mr. Bricker storyline.  I just can't tell if she is totally naive or if she is being passive aggressive.  What do you think?
Lord Grantham is mad.

"When you choose to ignore a woman like Cora."

I didn't care about Mrs. Patmore and the investing plot.  I suppose it was entirely done so we could see Mrs. Hughes manipulate Carson into thinking he had a good idea.

My favorite relationship is Mary and Tom.

I was right about Barrow.  Sad story.

I understand that Edith is bound by cultural and family rules and mores but gosh, 
I want her to run away with Marigold and I will not be happy until she does.  It's funny, Tom and Mary don't really care to spend time with their children (the way it was) and the one person who can't be with her child....wants to be with her child.  Classic.

"There must be another way."
"infinite danger to your reputation."

Miss Bunting. 
Don't let the door hit ya!

And lastly Daisy.  Shush.
"You're one of us."  
I disagree.  

"Get downstairs!" ~carson

Oh yes.  That rascally Mr. Bricker.  Letch.


Encourage one another,



  1. So happy that Emma has found the right {female} #likeagirl doctor!!
    And as far as Downton--ugh that show just confuses me!

  2. Hi, it's me :)

    I have been hovering around Facebook to see if your post is up, plus trying to get dinner started!

    First, and most importantly,

    HooRAY and hallelujah about the neurologist!! What fabulous news. Your girls are darling :)

    Now, about DA, I totes agree about the Mr. Green story. Move on, Julian.

    I always enjoy the Mrs Hughes/Mrs Pattmore stories, because they are a breath of fresh air compared to the other plots. "We feel thoroughly protected" heh - they do know how to manage Carson.

    "It's my kind of beer and I know how to drink it" I love these gals.

    Poor Edith. Poor Mr Drew, he's pretty frustrated, too. Bless.

    I enjoy Miss Mabel Lane Fox, she's got spunk! " ... and I hope you choke on it!"

    (Charles Blake cracks me up)

    Robert giving Bricker the backhand was a sight to behold. Ugh, I am not liking how Lord G is being all mopey. Weird how Bricker gave Carson a tip.

    Finally, I thought the parting between Tom and Miss Bunting was sweet and honest ... but I am overjoyed that she is gone. She's a pill.

    Whatever they throw at us, I love this show .

    1. I agree about loving it. I can't help it.
      YES! Miss Mabel Lane Fox. Now that's some fun and interesting writing. Let's see more of this sort of thing! Mary was stunned. Funny huh?

  3. What a relief to hear you've found a doctor who is 'clicking' with you now! Praying she will find clarity for the best way to proceed with Emma's situation. And love the pictures of your girls while you were down there. It is a good thing you scooted back home on Saturday as they had quite the weather on Sunday. Yikers!

    Tammy ~@~

  4. Yep, she's fun! When I rewatched today I compared her at the table with Mary ... Mary looks about as lively as the chair she sits on. Charles relished the whole thing.

    Plus got to eat two dinners :-)

    I am making Axelle's quiche tonight, I'd better get busy.

    Oh, I liked the Atticus/Rose scenes. And the introduction of the Jewish heritage plot.

    1. Sorry, my reply did not "reply" correctly. :-P

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Thanks be to God for the new doctor and Emma being in her care. Keeping you each one in our prayers. :-) Darling sister pictures, reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda.

    We have now caught up and I think are one episode ahead of the PBS showing of DA and WOW there have been some sparks flying. Atticus and Rose are darling together. Mary has not shown her best side at all, at least I don't think she has. Someone needs to tell her to be more understanding of others and their feelings, especially of Edith. Poor Edith, as my husband said, "It is hard with the things that go on in our culture today for most people to recognize the stigma that Edith was facing as an unmarried mother." Edith and Mabel both have spunk. Mrs. Hughes is all knowing and caring and I seem to identify best with her. And, at this point who cares who killed Mr. Green. I am just glad he is gone. We are rooting for Mr. M. the first footman and Baxter the lady's maid. My husband keeps saying, "Aw, come on Mr. M!' We had a marathon binge on DA yesterday after church. love and prayers, jep

    1. Hi jep! My Axelle quiche is in the oven :-) it smells yummy!

      So glad you are caught up on DA. I agree about sad Edith- deep down she has gumption. I am just so glad she chose to give birth ... that showed great strength.

      I am also a big Team Molesly fan, and Baxter, too. She has a soft heart. I love them together on screen.

    2. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Dear Susan, My mouth waters thinking about Axelle's quiche....enjoy it! Yes, caught up and moving forward on DA. Now I need to remember not everyone has seen the next episode yet. L&Ps, jep

  6. So happy Emma has found a doctor who will be there for her!!! Thank you, God.

    Enough of the Mr. Green/Anna/Bates/policeman/Scotland Yard detective storyline. If Thomas proceeds to get involved in that, I may scream at the TV!

    While I'm glad Miss Bunting is gone, it was a very sweet send off. Both Lord G and Mary made comments to Tom that were insightful and helpful to him, I believe.

    I know how desperately Edith wants Marigold, but the Dowager and her daughter plotting to pluck Marigold from her family and put her in a girls' school out of the country without compassion for the poor child being removed from the only family she knows and loves -- gah!! It may be the way things were at the time, but that just seems so insensitive. And so very wrong.

    I'm glad Lord G returned early or I fear Cora may have done something she would regret. Did anyone else giggle as Bricker waited for Baxter to leave and them snuck down the hall and into the room? He may as well have been twirling a mustache. :)

  7. What a relief and answer to prayer for all of you that Emma has found a doctor who can help her.

    We watched the game, and missed Downton. I am anxious to watch it after reading all your comments.

  8. There is no blessing quite like having deep trust (bordering on faith) in the doctors that you rely on to help you through something so difficult. (I speak from experience on this one.) I'm glad your Emma has found someone that inspires that kind of trust and faith. xo

  9. Hooray!!!!! Overjoyed. Attitude of gratitude!
    I'll give you a call soon to hear how it's going!!!!!
    the girls are so pretty.

  10. It's funny to read your comments about Downton knowing how it all ends this season... instead of watching the Super Bowl, I binge watched Downton with friends...

    I won't give anything away - there will be things you do and don't like - but I will say that the season ends without trauma or drama and fairly happily. Situations will be resolved and some will be left open for more. All in all, I continue to love D.A. :)

    So glad you have found a good doc for Emma. The uncertainty of things can be so stressful. Praying for answers and peace.


    1. I'm wondering if even your summary of no drama and/or trauma is a give-away? It's a slippery slope, I've learned - some folks want to be clueless.

  11. So happy that Emma has a great neurologist! Yay!

    I adore DA, such a great program. So glad Miss Bunting has hit the road!

  12. Anonymous10:15 PM

    So very happy that Emma has found a caring doctor. What absolutely wonderful news! And I am with you re: Miss long, farewell, auf weidersehen, adieu!

    Debbie Z.

  13. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Miz Boo,
    I am a long time follower of your blog and greatly admire your photography talent. Please check out the Chelsea Baker story at:
    You will love it! Talk about throwing like a girl!!!!

  14. Courtney12:13 AM

    So thankful Emma has a good Dr. now! It makes a world of difference.

    I sent my husband and kids to a Super Bowl party and I stayed home watching Downton,

  15. I was happy to see Ms. Bunting .... get a "punting" .... NEVER liked her!

  16. Remaining clueless on DA at this point, but so happy to get this news of Emma's new doctor. It is amazing what comfort a communicative doctor can be! God bless Emma as she learns and endures.

    Those girls' faces are so beautiful!

    Claire leaves Monday for eighteen months in France! EIGHTEEN MONTHS. She has emailed with Corey, and she has hopes to treat her to cocoa in Paris. Thank You, Lord, for pictures and technology. I learned about Tongue in Cheek through you, Donna. One more gift from you!

    Blessings on you all, Donna,

    1. I'm so excited for Claire - just remember I am only a country away!

    2. P.S. Corey is wonderful, agreed!!

    3. Thanks, Susan. If she has time to get to Munich, she knows you are there!


    4. Anonymous8:22 AM

      We will keep Claire and the rest of the Wheeler family in our prayers.
      Go Under The Mercy, jep

    5. So very excited for Claire! Traveling Mercies!

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  20. A good Doctor makes all the difference, doesn't it? I am praying.


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