Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OY dot net

This is how I feel today.
I have been having very bad website struggles.

Blu Domain lost my donnaboucher.com domain name.
They stink.
Do not work with Blu Domain.  Ever. 

Patrick helped me purchase www.donnaboucher.net

Try going there and see if you can get to it.

I have my doubts.

The few people I take pictures for now are friends and family but I still like to have a place to show them the pictures.  My website worked for that. 

So yeah.  I was never cut out for business and the stress this causes me is overwhelming.


Let's talk about Downton.

Distraction please.

Anna and Bates.  Make it stop.
Doggie is dead.  Moving on.
It amuses me the things that go on 'off screen'.
The clothes were sumptuous and abundant.  I hardly take note, isn't that funny.  The styles are so unflattering.  The coats are quite modern now tho aren't they?
I wonder if Downton will jump ahead many years to WWII?
The blatant anti-semitism is shocking. 
I think Tom is really going.
Susan is just nasty.
So is Atticus' scary looking father.  He must have played a very bad guy in a movie I've seen.
Will Mrs Patmore end up with Daisy's father in law.  I am sure that is a huge stretch.
I think the Dowagers maid is bad news and that the goofy butler may have excuses for his distrust of her.
Oh.  I can't think straight today.

Please come and tell me your funny and smart observations about Sunday nights show.
I could use a laugh.

Donna Elsie
dot net


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I'm getting a "this website is not available message" :(
    So sorry for your struggles :(

    1. me too. I was told 24 hours by network solutions and six hours by blu domain.
      I have a feeling it won't even work by then.

  2. so...here's my take away from Sunday night...
    Lady Violet, with a lover?? gasp!
    Lady Mary, her inability to even be remotely nice to Lady Edith continues to make me question that whole relationship... I still believe that Edith is Rosamund's daughter and that she was raised by Cora and Robert to prevent a scandal...
    Anna and Bates, let them be happy. Who is going to spill the beans about Anna being assaulted by Green and put Bates over the edge?
    yes, the dog is dead.
    Not sure what Denker and Spratt have up their sleeves, but their distrust of the other is amusing.
    Barrow, his character is getting old.

    Why did the season finally pick up and move along in the last episode? isn't the Christmas special all that is left?

    1. Yup. Only Christmas episode left.
      I know. I can not Violet being affectionate with a man. Perhaps that's not included in the deal.
      Edith being Rosamund's daughter. hum.

    2. No, the confrontation with Cora and Rosamund, plus Violet, sure makes it clear to me that Edith is Cora's daughter.

  3. So upset about that they continue to mess up the Bates! I want them to be left in peace! Loved that Lady Rose got her man, can't stand her mother. But love Atticus' mother! And I say rock on Lady Violet!

  4. Hi, it's me ... with a stupid head cold, so hopefully I will remember my favorite bits.

    I love the clothes, housecoats, hats, tiaras, everything this year. Except for a few hats here and there. Cora's hair is looking prettier and Rose looks great in EVERYTHING.

    Even the fellows outfits looked great to me.

    Lord Grantham was very sweet in this episode, playing with Sybbie, speaking to Mrs. P about the memorial service (in the kitchen) - then AT the service. Explaining to Cora why he wanted to sell the painting. I am glad he is getting better writing. Oh, and his figuring out about Marigold without having a hissy fit.

    Tony and Mabel looked great together.

    Happy, non-stressed Edith is looking lovely!

    Tom was very encouraging and wise and helpful all at just the right moments.

    Susan = worst mom ever

    Lady Sinderby = best mom and she saved the day

    Violet looked so pretty in her scene with the Prince. It seems far fetched but still, it's nice to see a senior citizen love interest.

    I love it when they are in London.

    OK, I will stop. P.S. sorry about the techy stuff - yikes!

  5. Also, I loved how Molesly asked Baxter if she'd like to be safe - i.e. a ring on her finger- and she said she thinks she might ... and his expression was a look of shock! I love those two together.

    And the moment when Shrimpie confronted Susan about the frame-up ... "get down, you cat!" Perfect.

  6. I'm sorry you're having troubles with your web site.

    I don't want Tom to go. Anna and Bates? It's just to much.

  7. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I am wondering if possibly Mary and Tom will get together. Her protests that she doesn't want him to go seem as though she has more than sisterly feelings for him. It would be perfect- he is used to the family ways, the children already play together, and hopefully love for him would make her more kind and accessible. I am enjoying the thought of a love interest for Violet. It seems far-fetched, and yet she has been showing her vulnerable side lately. I'm so sad the season is almost over.

    Debbie Z.

  8. Last week I had no patience with Mary. But this week I had second thoughts about her and Edith. I loved Edith's reaction when Mary invited everyone out for one last drink together - "even you Edith." I am beginning to think that the writers are setting the two up for some kind of break through when they finally become friends instead of enemies. I hope Tom doesn't go either. Let's get the Anna and Bate's jail storyline over with once and for all. Lord Grantham finally is in on a family secret before everyone else!! I am glad that Susan got told off by her husband - finally. What a horrible mother. Looking forward to the last episode this week although I will be in Palm Springs so hopefully the hotel has the right channel to watch!!

  9. I SO enjoyed this episode! (By saying that, I am completely ignoring Anna's arrest. Like everyone else, I am so done with that plotline!!!) A wedding that went off in spite of a major betrayal by the world's worst mother, plenty of lovely Lord G. moments, Tom being sweet and helpful to Mary, Edith and Rose, the memorial service -- oh my. I don't want Tom to go, almost to the point that I wish he would get together with Mary or Edith in order to stay. That's rather desperate, isn't it?

    Sorry about your site troubles. Hope they are resolved quickly!

    1. There was much to love in this episode :-)

      As for Tom: after loving Sybil, I cannot imagine him marrying one of her sisters. He is very brotherly towards both Mary and Edith and that is exactly what they need. Just my humble opinion. I will really miss him, though.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I just wish that Rose's mother had another name....our QLCS Susan is so dear!
    And, I am happy that Daisy is not leaving. Her FIL is such a great fella. The wedding was lovely and Rose and Atticus seem so in love. I liked the staircase that Rose and her father came down. Many good things about this episode, but I do wish Anna and Bates could just get on with their lives. So sorry you are having troubles with your site Dear Donna. love and prayers, jep

    1. I just replied but it got swallowed up. Thanks, jep!! She brings dishonor to the name!

      I love Rose and Atticus together, and in their case, love DID conquer all!

      I also think that staircase is beautiful, I loved all the London sets.

    2. Anonymous10:15 AM

      Dear Susan, I hope and pray that your head cold is much better today. That is no fun at all. love and prayers, jep

    3. Thanks, jep! I am a sloppy mess and I appreciate your prayers :-)

  12. I did notice Isis was not in the opening scene anymore. I will miss the dog!

  13. Between Dementor Bunting and Kaiser Susan this season has too many over-the-top derisive women. Bleh. I'm tired of Mary's petri-dish of suitors. I'm tired of Edith and Cora mistreating and maligning the Drewes to get Marigold into the Abbey. I love the show, but the writing, other than the Dowager's one-liners, is churning out horrible plots. :-( Thank goodness for the actors that make the writing look better than it is.

    Donna, good luck with the domain issues! I can't believe people can "steal" domains from other people. Current domain owners should be allowed a grace period when only they can pay to renew the domain. Or so I think!


    1. Blu domain neglected to bill me for the domain. Then when I. Agreed to pay $100 to get it reinstated... It was scooped up by a poacher. I have paid $200 now and still don't have a working website. Worst customer service ever. They are truly scammers and idiots at blu domain.

    2. That's awful! I use www.aplus.net and have never had issues like what you are describing. I do have it set up for monthly automatic charges to my cc and renewal is also charged to my cc. I always worry renewal won't go through fast enough, but so far it has. I hope your situation gets worked out quickly!!! --Missy

  14. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I thought this was a really great episode. However, I am also over the Anna and Bates thing. I wish they would just get on with that storyline and stop dragging it every so slowly out. I have wondered the last couple episodes about Mary and Tom also....hmmm.

  15. The link worked for me just now - Wednesday at 1104 :)

    Oh Mrs. Bates! My heart breaks for those two - all great observations. Tom is definitely going - I've heard that George Clooney will be making an appearance. I'm really sad that there is only one more season of this show. I wonder too if they will be jumping to WWII. - Constance

  16. Your website is beautiful. I love the song. I LOVE the pictures. I think you have such a beautiful heart. I sent a message over there just to make sure the contact thing a ma jig is working : ).

    1. Thank you Becky. Oh my gosh...
      I got an email today. I can buy my donnaboucher.com for $2,900.
      I said. No thank you.

    2. Wow. Highway robbery.

  17. I too visited your site, and it rocks, Donna.I wish I could take pictures like you do. It's on my bucket list. I mean it. I really want to learn how you do what you do... Maybe this year?

  18. $2,900! That is crazy. If i was rich I would send it to you. And then you could buy lots of soft yarn, a ticket to see Patrick, a little vacation for you to visit the grand babies and give the kids all a present. I am going to pray I can do that some day. You are always doing nice things for other people. I want to do something nice for you. Love, Love, Love, Becky


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