Thursday, February 05, 2015

Luke's Truck. The Gilmore Girls

Guess whose car???

I asked on the internets if anyone could guess who drove this truck?
No one guessed.  Until I gave clues, that is.

But I like trucks and I especially like Luke Danes from the Gilmore Girls driving around in this truck.
So I took note.  I had never seen words under the door handle like this so I made an effort to read them one day.  Then last Friday Katie and I parked on a street in Chicago and Katie said, "cool truck".  (And I thought "my job is done here.")
But as we got closer I realized it was Luke's truck: a green Custom Camper.

So we took pictures.

Other favorite trucks that I have pinned over the years...


Donna Elsie


  1. I really am bound for Texas, aren't I?

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    The old bronco has been my dream car for about 15 years. Probably not in mint green, but I love it!
    Kristi in LV

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Terry's late boss collected old trucks. He had a Travelall and a Scout and an old Suburban that I know about. Hilarious stories of adventures in these trucks (including a trip in the Travelall down the mountains north of Durango Colorado with no working brakes) abound. His son has two or three of his old trucks now and has restored one completely. I'll email you some pics as they aren't mine to post publicly. :)

    Sandy C.

  4. The trucks, the camper, and Luke Danes -- I love them all. And your exhibit shows that these vehicles look good at the beach, or in the snow or desert. Very versatile! :)

  5. Anonymous11:04 AM

    My husband always wanted a 1954 Chevy truck with custom cab (5 windows including those curved ones behind the regular side windows) and one day he drove past a house with a blue one in the driveway in Waco, TX. He stopped, rang the doorbell and asked the owner an older man if he would consider selling it and bought it for $400! We called it Old Blue, but sadly had to sell it when we moved out of state. My father always drove a truck for work and I loved playing in the truck beds growing up, my own version of a playhouse. ;-) love and prayers, jep

    1. That's crazy!!! $400. And it was drivable! Amazing find.

    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      He bought it many, many years ago, so that explains the price. It was in good working order, but my husband ended up doing a lot of work to it, too. It was such a simple motor compared to the ones today. If you look up 1954 Chevy truck with a custom cab, you will find pictures on the internet. I really liked those curved windows. jep

  6. Anonymous11:07 AM

    My dad is always pointing out old cars/trucks and asking us what kind they are. To annoy him, we started referring to them all as Studebakers. Now our whole family shouts out "Studebaker" when we see a vintage auto, Dad included!! (He finally gave up on us and decided to play along).


    1. That is so cute!!!

      My dad called cows, alligators to tease us!!

  7. Luke would simply not be the same without his truck. I gotta say, I miss that show and those characters. Even Kirk. Ha!

    Are you enjoying GG, Donna?

    1. I like the Luke and Lorelei story line A LOT. I have seen the show twice thru now.
      (talk about binge watching). But I tell you...I fast forward thru Tyler and Kirk and Sally Struthers and the French dude....oh and the band...i fast forward thru them.
      So you see I can watch an episode in ten minutes. hahaha

      I have started watching Friday Night Lights because so many of you watched it and recommended it. I am shocked by the teens. Is this what it's really like? Too much drinking and sex. In my head that is not really going on.
      Poor Katie gets a Don't have Sex talk daily around here.
      AND she is taking health in school. So now she knows all about contraception.
      I just asked her this morning if she thought learning about contraception made people do it or not do it. She said, 'they've probably already decided that."
      I try to not act to crazy and alarmed...I want her to keep talking.

      I'm too old for this. haha

    2. Nit acting alarmed can be very difficult at times!

      My love for even the weirder parts of Gilmore Girls grew the old fashioned way: season by season, thru the years ... so I am fond of Miss Patty and Babette like I would be an eccentric Aunty or long time neighbor (like on the show!). Taylor never stopped buggin me, though ;-)

    3. The Internet just ate my comment. ACK.


      The first season of FNL is the worst. So bad that I refuse to let my sophomore son watch. I regularly yell "NO ONE IN MY HIGH SCHOOL WAS HAVING THIS MUCH FUN!!" Some probably were. BUT I WAS NOT.

      And my athletically gifted African American football playing son could really use a coach taylor in his life. But I just can't bring myself to let him watch. I'm such a prude.

      I loved everything about GG - EXCEPT JESS. Yack. And in some ways, I think Lorelei got her happy ending in the parenthood finale. :)

      And, my dad had a Travelall. He worked for IH. Such a great vehicle!! We have a 29 model A truck, but it's just not the same....

    4. No like-y Hank.
      I decided to watch FNL because it's written by the same person(s) as Parenthood.

  8. Me again ... I've never watched Friday Night Lights, I think it started after I moved away.

    Same with Parenthood ... I might have to break down and join Netflix now that it is in Germany, to watch that one. After all it has Lauren Graham :-)

  9. Watch Parenthood. You will like it. Sadly it did not end with Sarah walking into a diner and meeting LUKE!!!!

  10. Donna, we have a retired dentist in our town who has driven the same old Ford Bronco for as long as I can remember. We love to see Dr. Mays ride through town in that thing.

    My daughter and I watched Gilmore Girls when she was in high school. Loved that show and when I see it now it reminds me of that time in our lives. I didn't like Jess from GG or Hank from Parenthood. He grew on me a little at the end, but he wasn't Mark.

    (The quick, quirky dialogue in Gilmore Girls had me watching Bunheads because it was the same writers. They cancelled that one after one or two seasons. Lorelei's mom was a main character in that one, along with Paris, Kirk, and Luke's brother-in-law - can't remember his name. Ballet is our thing and there was just enough to keep us happy. Suttons Foster was the lead.)

    I didn't see Friday Night Lights either. I watched about three episodes on Netflix and just couldn't do it. After seeing Stephie's comment I guess I'm not be the only one.

    1. I watched the first episode of Bunheads on my kindle and really liked it. Suttons Foster was great and I loved seeing Emily again :-)

  11. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Love GG! Love your mention to Bunheads Southern Gal, that was a good show. I wish it wasn't cancelled so soon...that seems to happen to all of the shows I like.

  12. Bunheads was awesome. I bought the whole series and watched it years before I ever saw a moment of GG.

    Did you know that Kelly Bishop [Lorelei's mom] was the original 'Sheila' in A Chorus Line on broadway? It's on youtube. :)

  13. I love old pickup trucks (beat up ones and refurbished ones) and love, love, love a nice AirStream trailer ... my dream would be to have one of those AirStreams and park it for a summer in a National Park (think Yellowstone) and just chill out ..... Linda

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  15. My Daddy always has a pick up truck. I love that about him. : )


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