Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's my calling.
It's my blessing.
It's the easiest, hardest thing I have ever done.

Off to do what I do....
ordinary magic.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie

(Katie likes the name Elsie so I will use it to soften the dislike of Donna that I have)


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Donna Elsie!

    I had been reading it as Donna Elise all this time. What a hoot! Do believe I have some dyslexic issues. I think the name Elsie is coming back into vogue. I know a couple of little ones with that name. Praying for you and for your mission tomorrow.

    Dee S.

  2. Dogmom2:33 PM

    My dear great aunt's name was Elsie, we called her Auntie Elsie, and every time you've used it here, I have gotten a very strong feeling of her and her sweet nature. It's yet another gift you've given, at least to me, by posting your heart here. Thank you, Donna Elsie. --Debbie in San Diego

    1. Dogmom2:34 PM

      And I just realized that your initials mimic my own name D.E.B. Love it!

  3. Chuckled to myself, as I too, dislike my name. Been toying with permanently changing it as I turn 50 this year. Figure I have yet another 1/2 century to be called something else (God willing I live that long)....
    Could be a funny post for the future: what name would you have preferred had you been able to do the choosing?!

    -praying for you tomorrow on your journey with Emma. God speed.

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I'm a teacher. A few years ago I participated in a writing class for teachers. Our first assignment was to write for ten minutes about how we feel about our name. I have never been in such a silent auditorium. Heads went down, and all I could hear were pen and pencil writing sounds. The instructor even had a difficult time getting people to stop. I guess we all have strong feelings one way or another. My name is Alice, but I've always felt like a Jill.
    It seems like 3rd grade girls will often *change* their names. My parent helper will say I don't have a file for such-and such. I'll say to her, "That's Ann. She changed her name." A few months later the girls go back to their original name. I guess we all go through this to some point, and for some of us it follows us to adulthood.

    I have a new granddaughter. Her name is Elyse. She's now one year old. She had open heart surgery when she was 3 months old. She had MANY problems after the surgery and coded many times. The last time they did hand CPR on her for 55 minutes until the surgeon arrived. God blessed us with a miracle and she is perfectly normal today. We love the name Elyse and say she is such a happy baby because she spent an hour on Jesus' lap.
    I'm still praying for Emma.
    Alice in Seattle

  5. I thought mothering was hard when my children were young, but oh, it is so much harder when they grow up. There's a lot more time spent on my knees praying!

    Praying for YOU as you do your ordinary (which is really EXTRAORDINARY) magic,
    Tammy ~@~

  6. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I have always said that being married was easy, it is being a parent that is hard. My grandmother used to say of her 12 children, "They step on your toes when they are little and they step on your heart when they are grown." I do know that nothing else compares to the joys of being a parent even in the hard times. Praying Traveling Mercies for you Donna Elsie and praying for a return to good health for Emma. love and prayers, jep/Judy who would have loved to be a Judith

    1. Anonymous11:50 PM

      I totally agree, jep, that nothing compares to the joys of being a parent, even in the hard times. Still praying for Emma. I know she will be so glad to have her mom near.

      Debbie Z. (who would have loved to be a Debora)

  7. Being a mom - it's like the Peace Corps. The toughest job you'll ever love.

    It's plain to us here that you are a wonderful mom with lovely children.

    Praying for all the grace you need to see you through the days to come, with an extra measure of peace.

    (BTW, I used to sorta not like my name - but I've made my peace with it. My dear mother loved the name and chose it for me - that alone is a reason to appreciate it. Plus it goes nicely with my last name ;-)

    1. P.S. I like the name Donna. Donna Elsie is a sweet name.

  8. Hope it's comforting to know that you have the QLCS army praying for you as you head off to work your ordinary magic. Prayers for your dear Emma, too. xoxo

    I'm Mary Elizabeth but was Mary Beth growing up. When we moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois the summer before 6th grade, I took advantage of the "fresh start" opportunity to switch to plain "Mary". Now when I hear from or see my PA relatives, it warms my heart to be called "Mary Beth". :)

    1. Love the picture of baby Emma with her Pebbles ponytail and sun-kissed cheeks!!

  9. Emma. Precious girl. Still praying.

    My husband has an Aunt Elsie. She's the only sibling left out of 7 on his daddy's side of the family. We are partial to the name, too. ;)

  10. Anonymous4:56 PM

    This is a picture of Emma, right? Good luck, praying for you/ travels etc. Love you, Karen F.

  11. Had a dear friend named Elsie growing up. Well....actually she was my grandmother's and my mother's friend. A fabulous seamstress who did work for the wealthy Jewish ladies in Cleveland. Stayed at her house in the summers. Called her Zah. Loved Zah so much. Hope she knew that.

    Praying for your Emma. I have a niece with similar issues. She began having problems in college. Seizures while doing student teaching. Crazy! She has researched the natural remedies and is trying that right now. No insurance thanks to......nevermind.

  12. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Praying for Emma, and for answers!!

    I've told you before my grandma's name was Elsie. She was a sweet, amazing, very strong woman. When she was 75, she was still using an old wringer washing machine when she slipped and fell on spilled water and broke her arm. (Her children made her buy an automatic washing machine after that!) She canned jellies from a backyard plum tree and bread-and-butter pickles from her garden, baked the most delicious pies and cobblers, pieced together beautiful quilts and crocheted rag rugs. She lived to be 97. Thanks for reminding me of her this morning. :)

    Prayers for you and your safe travels and peace of mind as well.

    Sandy Ellen C.

  13. I couldn't agree more!

  14. Praying for you and Emma today. Hoping the test will give you all some answers.

    My middle name is Louanne and I have never liked it. I was named for my maternal grandmother, Annie Lou. So I really could have been Rachel Annie Lou. I've always consoled myself that it could have been worse. The very first conversation with my husband to be he saw my middle initial and jokingly guessed in a very teasing southern voice "is it LouAnnnnnne?!?!" I still married him, thank goodness. My MIL legally changed her name from Wanda to Kitty when she got married. She never liked Wanda.

  15. Donna Elsie is a lovely name. You are a lovely lady. Your children are blessings to you and you to them. That about sums it up! Best of luck and prayers continue.

  16. My new favorite line "the easiest, hardiest thing I've ever done!" Truth!

  17. Amy J in WI10:13 AM

    Praying for you right now. Praying for wisdom for the doctors as they decide how to proceed.

  18. I went to a small catholic elementary school back in the 1960's and early 1970's. There was a girl in my class named Donna. I thought she was super cool, always breaking the rules. She would wear her uniform too short, so then we all had to kneel and have our uniforms measured. She drove the nuns crazy with her pantyhose, makeup and go-go boots. So I have fond memories about a girl named Donna. She was super sweet, just a bit of a rebel. :-)

    I'm praying for your dear Emma.

  19. "Off to do what I do....
    ordinary magic."
    Beautiful! I love it.


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