Monday, February 16, 2015

And now do you like my hat?

Hi friends.  I'm back.

Thursday night I drove down to Chicago so I could take Emma to the hospital to get a 24 hour EEG ....attached.

We would go back to Emma's apartment and spend an ordinary day and night..and then take it off and return it the next day.
The people who read EEGs will do that and then will let us know what is going on in that beautiful mind.

Emma said it did not hurt and was not even uncomfortable.
We look forward to hearing what her neurologist has to say.

Now THIS is multitasking!!  24 hour EEG and paralegal work.  She's got this! #goemma

I got to watch Emma at work all day.  She is an assistant to an attorney.  I can tell you her career in counseling is coming in very handy.  

Emma Jean Portrait with gauze "hat". 2-13-15

Heeeyyyy!! Do you like my hat?

Do you like my hat?

I do, I like it, I like that party hat!

Emma is feeling very positive and loved and I am sure that it is due to the many prayers and good wishes coming her way!
So thank you very very much.


I just watched Downton Abbey this morning.  It was such a good one.  I think the best one so far this year!

I have to say I like Mabel so much better than Mary and if you know me and my fondness for Mary...well...she has fallen off her pedestal. ker plunk.

The affection Lord and Mary Grantham so the dog is gag-worthy.
Even letting the dog sleep with Cora and Lord G. just made me so mad at them...because of the way they treat Edith.
I get that the whole baby out of wedlock is just not done back in the day....and they really should stick with that hiding thing.  But I just don't like it.

Daisy's father in law.  I love him every time he is on the show. Go Daisy. Go to the farm!!!

Engagements and proposals and swear words, oh my.

Lord Merten's sons are jerks.

Violet and Isobel.  BFFs.

I wonder what will soften Mary again.  I know they will make me love her again.

How many more episodes until the end of the season?

What did you think of Downton Abbey last night?

Encourage on another,
Donna Elsie


  1. Hey, it's me!

    First, most of us would look pitiful and ridiculous in the hat, but Emma looks beautiful!! I hope there is helpful information on the way to you all soon. Lord, we are trusting you.

    As for DA, well - I thought Cora was very helpful and loving to Edith, as much as Edith would allow her to be. I hated Rosamund's speech about "Edith wouldn't get rid of it" which sounded so ugly. Rosamund herself was a big source of strength when Edith made that important decision.

    But I digress

    As I am a mush for dogs, I thought the whole situation with Isis was spot on, and I could weep just thinking about it.

    (No doubt it was easier for a father to show love for his pet than his child, back then.)

    Mary needs to grow a heart. I loved it when her Granny set her straight, both at dinner and at her home.

    Violet was especially amazing in this episode.

    The dinner with Lord and Lady Sinderby = fab

    Dinner with Lord M 's despicable sons = the pits. Poor Isobel; what a horrible experience.

    MLF is great!!

    I also love the scenes at the farm - Daisy just glows when she's there.

    Anyway, I agree - a thoroughly satisfying episode.

    One more, and then the Christmas Special. Sigh, if only there were more.

  2. DOnna
    You and your daughter are such a great story of love and relationship. Let me know what the doc thinks okay? IM praying

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Please keep us posted about Emma's results. I agree with Susan, she is so beautiful, even in that cap. The love of God and connection between Christians is so amazing. He has put it on my heart to pray for Emma many times. I have never met her, but I love and care about her. Thank you for allowing so many of us to be a part of the hard thing she is going through.

    As far as Downton, I am with you, Donna. I am so over Mary. She has become very mean- to Tony and to Edith and she just isn't likable any more. It will be interesting to see if they leave her that way or she will change.

    Debbie Z.

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    A dog party! A big dog party!

    I love that book!

    Best wishes for all of you. Thinking of Emma each day and trying to take some worry for you.

    Bridget in Minnesota

  5. Prayers continue from Pennsylvania. And the other posters are correct - Emma makes that 'hat' look good! You almost make me want to watch Downton. Almost.


    1. Just curious as to why you don't want to watch Downton ... no judgment ... just curious ;-)

    2. Oh no - it isn't that I don't want to watch Downton, I just haven't :) I'm going to see if it is available on Amazon instant video - sounds like something good to watch while quilting.

    3. It is! It is!!! :)

  6. Emma is gorgeous, even with a funny hat ! I went on internet to know a little more about this disease, and even if it's a hard illness, they say medecines are very good to help people to live totally Normaly. I'm thinking of you all, Donna.
    Very friendly.

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Prayers continue for Emma. Hopefully the doctor receives helpful info from the hat test and Emma's meds can be adjusted perfectly. Bless her for handling all of this with such grace.

    Downton was so action-packed last night! The timing at the train station, the swearing at the dinner table, oh my! Can't believe there are only two more episodes this season. I'm with you on Mary. She has been so very mean. I loved what her granny told her at dinner -- something about being heartless is just as vulgar as being a big crybaby. (obviously paraphrasing!)

    Mary Z

  8. Emma is so beautiful.
    But you already know that.
    Praying for a positive report.

    I have not watched Downton.
    You tempt me to get into the series.

  9. Emma would look beautiful with a flower pot on her head. Seriously.

    I haven't watched this episode yet so I skipped down to the comments so as not to spoil it.

  10. Dogmom4:16 PM

    I am so surprised at how often I thought of you and Emma all weekend. I am not usually like that with people that I don't know. You and your family are different to me. I should introduce myself to you sometime so it's not so one-sided. Getting attached to the people on your favorite blog is strange. You must feel it too when people you don't know act like they're good friends. I think I'm a pretty normal working 61-year-old woman who has a pretty full life. But I care very much about you and your family. Glad you had a sweet and safe trip. And that Emma feels {{{loved}}}. -- Debbie from San Diego.

    1. Thank you Debbie from San Diego :o)
      I am happy to meet you!!

  11. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I do agree, Emma would look beautiful no matter is that beauty of a loving soul that shines in her. Praying for good news and helpful treatment. Sending hugs and warm wishes your way.

    We liked this episode for the same reasons you did Donna. Mabel, Daisy's FIL, Violet and many good folks that Mary pales in comparison. Maybe she will show her loving side again if she finds someone to marry....or if her grandmother can show her that what she has been doing is just not to be tolerated. Such great acting and beautiful scenery and clothes, those clothes are amazing.

    Take care Dear Donna and family and everyone here at the QLCS, you are all special to me!
    love and prayers, jep

  12. I agree with all the others - Emily is beautiful no matter what. Her true inner beauty is evident in your photos! I hope the tests will bring her doctor to the right solution!

    As for Downton - I have never really cared that much for Mary and have always thought she was way too mean to Edith and last night's episode just sealed it for me. And I'm not sure she can find someone to break into her heart again..... Perhaps Daisy could give her some lessons on being a real person - I love how she is so discouraged with how little the Labour Party can get done for her.... I have been enjoying seeing her development.

    And I believe Edith is just starting to come into her own. Now that she has her child with her (but how horrible that she has to pretend she isn't the biological mother) AND she is now taking over the Newspaper - I think she will be come a force to be reckoned with!

  13. My comment may appear twice, as my computer ate it.

    I too had a 24 hour EEG years ago. It was not painful. But the adhesive used to attach the electrode thingies took forwever to get out of my hair. I pray for answers and continued healing

    Mary...oh Mary...shes become a PILL. Her comments to Edith and others are horrible. The family seems to ignore Edith, which has always bothered me. I like Edith and Tom..I think they would be good together

  14. Prayers for Emma. Your daughters are such lovely young women and so photogenic! Yes, I think Mary's lack of compassion and empathy for her sister is horrible. And her ego has gotten WAY out of control! The statement about Tony..."He'll never let me go", reeeaally, I am not liking her at all this season.

  15. When I was Emma's age I worked for a large, downtown Chicago law firm ... it was great experience that lasted (and helped) a lifetime career. Hopefully the EEG will reveal whatever is going on and she'll be on her road to full recovery. I love DA ... I've already watched the rest of the episodes so will not give any spoilers ... it's a well-written, iconic series that will be watched and re-watched for years to come ;-) Linda

  16. You have a very beautiful daughter in spirit and otherwise. She has classical beauty. Very breathtaking. God bless her and keep her safe. I also pray to St. Jude, he is my family patron saint and will keep her and your family in my prayers to him also.

  17. Praying for Emma! For answers and solutions, and that God would make something beautiful out of all this trial and stress. We sang Gungor's "beautiful things" with my praise team this morning. It reminded my that God uses hard things to make us into who He wants us to be and He can turn ashes into new life.

  18. Sweet Emma. I will keep praying, keep trusting!! I pray for Emma and for answers, Donna, but also for you as you manage all you are feeling and thinking (or trying not to think.) Bless you both.

    One of these days I am just going to have to hunker down and catch up with DA. I think now I am to the point of needing a week off to do that...but I look forward to it.

    Late to the party, but glad to be here.


  19. Cyndi K G8:31 PM

    It is good to see your blog: I worry about Emma when you don't blog for a few days! And I'm praying for her now.

    Re: Downton Abbey -- I think they need to get rid of the dog because of its unfortunate named!

    I don't know why the writers have made Mary so (insert nasty adjective here!) this year, but it is annoying.

    Anytime I start to dislike a character, I remind myself they are only acting what has been written for them!


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