Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patty's Day

I'm not sure how much Irish there is in our children.  I guess I should ask someone.  My husband isn't the best on family history.  
But we have red hair on both sides and my mom's red hair came from Denmark.... Probably Eric the Red or something.  :o)
And methinks....there is a bit of the green going on with the Booshay clan.

And even if it's not much....
our lass 
Katie Grace O'Boucher would fit in no doubt.

A wee bit of Irish,
I suspect.

I think you will enjoy that link above.

Encourage one another,


  1. Methinks it's a good day to watch Leap Year!
    Love you
    Mean it

  2. Not a drop of Irish blood in me but I used to wish mightily. Red hair would have been the second best but we missed that too. So I will just enjoy knowing your crew.

  3. Has always been one of my favorite days of the year, plus it's the anniversary of my first date with Greg. :)

    Your entire clan looks Irish. Would love to have passed on my red hair to a child or two, but maybe it'll show up in grandkids? A girl can dream....

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    those quotes!

  5. Anonymous1:34 PM

    I am about a quarter to a third Irish and I love to lay claim to it. Celebrating St. Patrick's today in a scrub top with shamrocks on it at the medical clinic where I work. Green is one of my favorite colors and I LOVE Celtic music. Your kids look Irish, indeed and it seems like there is no doubt that there is Irish blood in there. What a blessing that they all got that absolutely beautiful thick, red hair.

    Debbie Z.

  6. I completely forgot about St. Patrick's day...I didn't wear a bit of green! But, luckily, no Leprechauns pinched me ;)

  7. Such a beautiful family!!!!!

  8. Anonymous2:20 PM

    All that beautiful red hair in one family...what a blessing!
    love and prayers, jep


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