Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A lake visit is always so nice.

John Updike

Bang-bang! Ka-boom!
 We celebrate Our national Independence date,
 The Fourth, with Firecrackers
 and The marching of The Legion Band.
 America: It makes us think
 Of hot dogs, fries, and Coke to drink.
 The shade is hot
 The little ants Are busy,
 but Poor Fido pants.
 And Tabby dozes
 In a pool 
Of fur she sheds 
To keep her cool.

What makes sitting by a lake so lovely?

We found a shady spot in the grass at Lake Wingra.
We brought pop, sandwiches and a wrap, peanuts and a seven layer bar.
The fancier food was picked up at Collectivo coffee on Monroe.

The weather was perfection.

It was peaceful, relaxed and pretty.

Such a nice day.

Encourage one another,


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  2. Lakes are divine! Sorry I was in my work account for a second. I hope you know who I was any way! Happy Summer to you and yours.


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