Monday, July 31, 2017

On the Waterfront

Is there anything nicer than being on the water?
I don't think so.  There always seems to be a breeze and views for days.
I love it.

Here we are on Lake Mendota in Madison.
Madison is an isthmus.
On one side is Lake Monona and on the other side is Lake Mendota.
We have lived here for sixteen years and I have never been out on the lakes.

Last weekend, Patrick's siblings thought it would be fun to rent a pontoon and go for a ride.
Something different for a change.  Such a good idea.
Fortunately two of the cousins knew how to drive a boat :o)
Thanks Hillary and Charlie!!

Katie borrowed her dad's glasses and forgot to put on sunscreen.
Her back is still hurting.  

I sat in the shade, ate Susan's popcorn and drank a Diet Dr. Pepper.
It was perfect.

Are you able to get out on the water very often?

I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.
~Susan Branch

Donna Elsie


  1. Amy J in WI7:17 PM

    We need boat friends :).

  2. We live in Baltimore, very near the water. A couple of years ago my husband and a friend bought a boat together. My husband is a mechanic and keeps it running and his friend has a place to keep it and to put it in the water. This summer we have been able to enjoy it so much, and like you, I just love it! I burned a little yesterday but I tan easily. Our daughter is a redhead and like Katie...she has to be so careful! Ps: I only steer the boat when I have to! It scares me!

  3. We have a wee little bass boat. I like to go really fast (which isn't all that fast) or just relax and read a book under my umbrella. I do NOT like to fish. Not one bit. But for some reason that is what my husband seems to think a bass boat is for :)

  4. We have had a boat for over 20 years - not the same one mind you - but a boat. First on a Colorado lake, then when DH retired a new and bigger version that he sailed from May to October on the coast of New England (I would join him during my summer vacations) and now that I have also retired we have moved the boat to Florida (a 29 day adventure I won't soon forget) and we sail down there, but we miss New England and will probably move her back up there to sail in the summers once again. There is absolutely nothing like living aboard for a few months every year. We love it and I highly recommend it. We currently have a 36 ft. ketch (dual masted) that is perfectly comfortable to live aboard for months at a time - and we do! I highly recommend this lifestyle to anyone that loves the water and loves boats. We prefer sailboats, but I think power boats have their advantages as well! ~chris

  5. I love to go on a ferry boat ride on the lake of Zurich, sitting outside and enjoying the view and the breeze. It never gets old :-)

    Your day on the lake sounds ideal, well except for Katie's burn. Ouch!!

  6. Yes! I live in Houston which is about 45 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. We try to go out there at least every few weeks. We even have a lake near us so we are always by the water. I love the mountains but there is a peace the fills you when you are listening to the waves coming in or watching a storm build on the ocean. I think I may always live near a body of water.

  7. we are on the water every Saturday. more if I can get time off. We own property in a gated lake community near our home. So we go to this mid size lake and fish, ski, swim. Usually, I'm tied to the back of the boat in a situp floaty with my kindle in a ziplock bag and the captain is at the front of the boat fishing for my dinner. My stress falls off at the lake.

  8. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I love being near the water but am not as thrilled about being out on it, due to a fear of water that started in childhood. I wish I didn't have that. But one of my favorite vacations is to stay at the beach and watch the waves roll in and walk along the water. Nothing is more restful and relaxing for me. The sound of that lapping water, the sun glistening on it....bliss.

    Debbie Z.

  9. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Now that we LIVE on a peninsula - quite literally with water out every window - we just need the boat! Hopefully by next year. I'd love a pontoon - [aka the floating living room] but budget will likely dictate something much smaller. No matter. As long as we can step in and float away. :) -Stephie

  10. Didn't realize you're in Madison - we were just there a few weeks ago (Cooksville, specifically) and will be back the weekend of Sept. 10 for my husband to complete (God willing) an Iron Man competition - he'll do the swim in that very lake!

  11. How splendid. There is something so magical about boats, isn't there? We didn't go on any boat rides this summer but the kids did get to jetski twice. They loved it! I was too chicken to try. Too chicken, plus too cheap to pay another $80. Maybe next summer.

  12. P.S. I love Diet Dr. Pepper. And popcorn.


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