Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Everything is new...

Hey friends,

I took off for San Francisco last week...
Spent Friday night with Emma and Carolyn (Em's roommate) and ate
very spicy Chinese food in Uptown.
My flight was cancelled and we worked very hard to get me to California at a reasonable time since I was not going to be there very long to begin with.
I lost five hours with Patrick....but we did our best to get there.

Patrick and I went to Half Moon Bay on the sunniest warmest day of the summer.

I am a weather charm in San Francisco.

I have been three times and every time it is sunny and warm on the coast.
NOT at all the norm.

We bummed around, ate at some nice places, and talked and talked.

Patrick scared me to death with his fast driving thru the winding hills.
In fact, I was too scared to meet him at work on I just suck close to his apartment....and folded laundry, read and watched tv.

I have never seen such dry landscape.  It was otherworldly to me.

I found In n' Out.  
It's a California tradition.
It's not my very favorite....
but it was good enough to eat.


Tomorrow I take Katie to Milwaukee to look at the college and museum there.
Next week she is off to Wesleyan (Conn) for a visit and interview.
(She is staying with my niece in a nearby town!  So amazing to be able to call on family for help with this trip. I wish I could go along for so many reasons but it's not working out.  Thank you Christine!!!)

Lots going on.
No news on the job front.
I will sub if nothing else comes along.

I was able to watch the Harry and William documentary about their mother. (on HBO)
It's touching and so sweet.

Our rainy summer is half way over.  

How would you describe your summer in one word?

Love ya
Donna Elsie


  1. What about Patrick's wife? Are they doing ok since loosing the baby?

  2. We are looking forward to having Katie visit very much!! Next time, we'll get you to come too hopefully! Lots of love xoxo

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Shelby was out of town. Losing Poppy will forever be hard for them. They are trying to recover :(

  4. Anonymous11:27 PM

    In one word? Delightful.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Reading your post makes me want a burger real bad!

    One word? Wonderful!

  6. How sweet to be able to spend some time alone with your son. Katie can not be old enough to be going off to college! Time flies so fast. When I saw the documentary clips on the Today show, I immediately thought of you. 😉 Have a great day, Donna!

  7. Donna, I live in HMB! I was out of town when you were there but now I will I will know you enjoyed what makes me happy to live there. So glad it was a good day with Patrick.

  8. What a fun, though abbreviated, trip! I'm sure Patrick was happy to have his mom come visit. Such a gift to spend the time together. Wondering which college in Milwaukee Katie is considering? I have an affinity for one of them... Molly will be there two more years, so how fun if our girls end up in the same town.

    Since Jamey got married earlier this month, the summer has been very busy, family-focused and overall wonderful.

    Thanks for bringing the sunshine wherever you go, Donna. You definitely bring it to QL. xo

  9. My summer in one word...lovely!

  10. My summer in one word? Fast! The kids started back to school today. How can that be? They would barely let me take a picture. I cried when Kaish pulled off. It is hard to believe he is almost grown up. I am not handling it well at all.

    The thing that looked delicious to me about that food was the Thousand Island dressing on the food. I am so glad you could spend time with Patrick! What a blessing. Did you mind the long flight? I am sorry five hours got deleted from your time together. What word would you use to describe your summer?


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