Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Royal Watching.

I love Wimbledon.  And you know me...not just for the tennis.
I love to Royal watch.

The Duchess wore a darling dress and cute strappy shoes.  I think the straps around the ankles make a heel look so much cuter and not as stuffy.  I like this length hair too!  
Such a doll.

Here are Kate's siblings, Pippa and James.
Both look amazing.

They arrived in this Land Rover.
Perfectly English.  

Diana at one of her first.  I can tell by the dress.

William and his lovely Mum.

Love Diana's short hair and neat red dress.

Do you think this was on purpose?
I do

This is a newly released photo of Diana.  Her secretary (or lady in waiting or something) wrote a book and included some never before seen photos.
I love it.

I have approx. ten books on Diana and Charles and the boys....
I subscribed to Majesty Magazine for years....

So a new picture is pretty cool...and special.

Hi Diana.
Miss you.
Mean it.

Happy Royal Watching all you Anglophiles!

Donna Elsie


  1. Love this post!! I miss the people's princess, too. So much. But I love her boys. And Kate. And the little ones.

    And the polka dot dress? That was not a coincidence!

  2. Yes, I love Kate's dress very much, but I have to work really really hard to like Pippa's dress and hair. Maybe it is just that the photo shot in mid-stride. Trying really hard.

    1. Enjoyed your book, Anita. Thank you!

    2. Big smiley face, right here!

  3. Always love your royal family posts because I love them too. My grandparents were both English, which was very popular when I was a teenager in the late '60s, and made me feel like I was related to the royal family. Ha, ha!

  4. Anonymous2:52 PM

    That Wimbledon pic of diana is from maybe the year they got married. You can tell by the hair, too. :) Polka dots - totally intentional. Land Rover - my DREAM vehicle, not even kidding. Wimbledon - I remember watching in the early 80s when we first got HBO and I was in junior high -- it was SO HOT OUTSIDE and i would hang out in our un-airconditioned 'den' to watch Breakfast at Wimbledon EVERY morning to get royals sightings. I just adored it. The new pics are from someone who worked for the Queen's sister, I think - found themselves at the same parties. How I love the wide-eyed smile of that new pic. Innocent and dear. I miss her so much. She's the reason we're Anglican (episcopalian, to be exact.) I fell in love with Prayer Book worship by watching her, the ceremony, the weddings, the funerals - everything MATTERS. How I grieved when she died. #toosoon #sosad #beautifulgrandma Love - Stephie

  5. Royal watching is so much fun. I follow some instagram accounts now to give me the daily photo. ;) But I do love what you bring to light. That "new" photo of Diana is so lovely. Have you watched any of the Netflix documentaries on the royals? Pretty interesting.


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