Monday, July 22, 2019

Faces I remember

I am not a huge fan of candid pictures.  You will notice that's not what a shoot.  But, gosh,
they sure can show a better idea of real life.

This picture was taken in our grandparent's backyard in Oak Lawn, Ill. Circa 1974
That's grandpa Hansen wearing the hat.  
His name was Carl and he came to American from Denmark.
He is smoking a cigarette. He had a terrible, loud, persistent cough.
He loved to garden and had the MOST bristle-y beard.

Behind him I see a towel drying on the line and a radio.
Grandma Hansen loved music.  She was always listening to what she called jazz. 
Two other things I notice are the brick on the back of the house...they don't do this now.  Most builders in the Midwest only put brick on the front of the house.  
And the pack of 7UP on the back step.

There is Janice wearing a top I remember.  That's our brother in law Binky.  He was a good sport to be hanging at the Grandparents.  He was only about 25 at this time.  Behind him appears to be a Michelob bottle.   What do you think?
Cousin Kelly is sitting on Bink's lap and cousin Johnny is standing up with his shirt collar buttoned to the top.
Probably the last time he wore a buttoned up shirt.  
That's me in the yellow behind Bink.   I have on huarache sandals  ...
I learned about these from my friend who moved to Arizona.  

A slice of life.
Caught on camera.
It's pretty cool.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie

Maybe I'll try to shoot some candids.
I wonder who took this?


  1. Johnny's buttoned up collar :) I remember my shirt too!

  2. This got me thinking about some of the clothes I remember wearing in the 70's. I seem to remember the way a lot of them felt, too.

  3. I love how you dissected the photo and analyzed the details. Very cool. So is the scalloped tablecloth. It must have been windy the way the towel looks like it is snapping in the breeze?

  4. Time capsule photos are my favorite!

  5. Oh lookie at these great comments :)
    I didn’t notice the scallops,Anita. I love scallops!

  6. Lovely how much a photo can say- I do this all the time in my head when I look at old photos. I really hope we do not lose the "candid" photos in this digital age where only the most curated photos make the cut and the rest are simply deleted. Cecilia

    1. You are so right. I'm glad this has popped into my head and your comments put words to what I was 'noticing'.

  7. The broom in the corner of the porch. I love to look at picture and see what is all around them. I do it all the time. I agree with you Cecilia Leon-Johnson. I think we are going to lose so much information and fun stuff by having everything digital and hardly no one getting the photo's printed off. So glad you're back blogging. I missed your blog. Wendy

    1. Thank you for hanging in there with me and checking on me....and reading and commenting :o)
      I think my photography will change.


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