Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The relatives came....

and Katie treated everyone to Michael's frozen custard.  

We watched the Air and Water show on Lake Michigan at Bradford Beach.  The water was icy.
There was too much traffic getting to the show and we missed our favorite jets.  But even tho the parking was insane...
The beach was a great place to watch the Thunderbirds!

Yesterday we went to Lake Wingra for a little paddle on the lake.
It was cool and breezy. I could sit under a tree and look at the lake all day. 
Matthew took the boys out on a paddle boat. Zeek cried and came back to shore.
Asher got bored pretty quickly and Malachi stayed with his daddy.  Kaite paddled around on a paddle board.  I love taking people to this little park on Monroe Street.  It's a little gem.


Tomorrow is my MOHS surgery on my nostril.  Hopefully the procedure will go quickly.
I did get some anxiety medicine.  I have never taken anything like this before, I hope I do not say odd things or do something wacky.
(My dad called pot, wacky tabacky.)

I took portraits of Matthew, Melinda and the boys this week.
I'll share those soon.  
I took single shots of the boys and really....I love a singleton.

Thank you for stopping by.
Encourage one another,


  1. By the way, the camera on my phone was greasy or dirty and it make the bottom picture look all fuzzy :o)

    1. As I said (or did I just say it in my head?) it makes the photo look like a Monet print. Note to self—carry bacon grease for the camera lens.

    2. Anita, you're the funniest! :o)

  2. Good luck with the surgery! Hope the meds help...but not at all like wacky tabacky😉

  3. Also, glad you had such a nice visit with M&M and their beautiful boys!

  4. Spending time with family is the best thing ever. We are heading to Michigan tomorrow to spend a few days with our oldest son Matthew and his wife.

    Hope your surgery goes well. 🙏 I totally understand the anxiety. 💞

  5. Praying your surgery goes well!

  6. Let me JUST say how much I am loving the QLCS being active again - and how much i LOVE you and your posts, Donna. The frenetic pace of social media has left me off of everything except a facebook public page - no more news feeds, or insta, or twitter - so I have chosen to be out of the loop, which makes me sad sometimes, but I do feel like my soul has moved back into my body. But this little corner of the internet, this sweet blog, has been the source of so much goodness in my life for FIFTEEN YEARS now, and the women gathered have had an influence on me in ways I can't explain. THANK YOU for taking the time to post again. I have always loved how you PASTOR us over here.

    And oh, your family. Melinda Sue, you are gorgeous. Those boys! That lake! That was ALWAYS my favorite spot when we lived in Madison. Man. What fun.

    Needed a dose of community today and got it here. Thank you, thank you.

    Love you. Mean it.
    (PS- regarding yesterday's post - am praying for painless and swift healing for you. How scary. Face wounds are so intense and heal so well. I am trusting!)


    1. Thank you for this kind, sweet, encouraging comment, Stephie.
      I honestly do not have a local community so my life gets very blah and sad without it.
      I love you all.

      Love you. Mean it.
      Donna Elsie

      Even I can't post using my iphone :o/


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