Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Where in the world....

Look who is expecting?  Emma is 20 weeks pregnant this week.
She and James will find out if the baby is a boy or a girl on Thursday.

She is feeling well. 
The baby should be kicking hard enough for them to feel it soon.
That is such a wonder and joy, isn't it?

We are so happy and thankful for this little bebe.


I've been busy all summer with Dr appointments and working with a great gal who is helping Patrick and I plan for retirement.  We feel very fortunate to be getting this great guidance.  

I have been trying to get a hold of Social Security for a few weeks and let me tell you...
Start early. It took me two weeks to get a human to speak to...and then he said, I can't do anything for you, but make an appointment. (I said, "what do you do?")
Then he told me  that there is not an appointment to talk to me for 60 days!  
(Maybe cause I said 'What do you do?")
(I was honestly confused. Not mean about it.)
But 60 days out for an appointment???
Even on the phone.

Oh lordy.
I love America.
I am thankful to have been born here and feel blessed.

But yikes.  
What a mess.

That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I am going to encourage you to save your own money and start very early in your dealings with Social Security.


So I have a little basal cell cancer on my nostril.
I am having THAT sliced off on Aug 1.
It is not a bad cancer...doesn't go anywhere...
but the fact that it is on my face is horrible.

I have had moles cut off my face before and it's a nightmare.
The shots hurt terribly and I sat and cried big tears the whole time.
They did not give me anything....I thought I would be sleeping.
So now that I know I will be sitting there  and very aware while they cut.... I am getting drugs from my doctor.
I need something to make me not so scared and petrified.

Any recommendations?


I have some fun visits to look forward to in the next month and a half.
Matthew, Melinda and the boys are coming to Wisconsin.
Emma, James and Lorelei are also coming to a near by State park.

Katie is working hard and packing lots of fun into her last summer before college.
I don't know if I told you that she is going to Bennington in the fall.
Bennington Vermont.
She is looking forward to this new chapter.
We are proud of her persistence and perseverance.
These qualities will serve her well for her whole life.
I have no doubt.

I think we are ready.

Emma Jean Jelly Bean.

I'm sorry for the long span...
I don't feel like I have anything to say...
but I talked with a few of the gals last night by email and we all miss this space....

I'll try to do better.

Happy July.

"What a beautiful, sunny morning.  It makes you happy to be alive, doesn't it?  
We can't let the sun outshine us!  
We have to beam, too!"

-  Takayuki Ikkaku

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie


  1. I am SO EXCITED! What a beautiful little mommy. And I sort of want to cry. I loved Emma the first time I saw her singing in FLAME. I've got nothing for you with the upcoming spot removal. I would probably be an alcoholic by the time of the surgery. I'll pray you find a less self-destructive way to get through it. And happy little bitty Katie Gracie is going to school in such a lovely state. Enjoy your time with your family, dear Donna!

  2. Oh Anita. You made me laugh out loud!! Thanks. Yes. My little red headed girls. You’ve always been so sweet... loving my chicks. Love you!

  3. Fabulous news about the baby-on-the-way!! And Katie's college plans. Thanks be to God!

    As for the removal of the skin cancer: bless your heart! Mean it! I'm so sorry.

    It's always a delight to see that you've put up a post :)

  4. So very excited for the upcoming, exciting changes for both your beautiful girls!! A new baby for Emma and college for Katie....which means changes for you and Patrick, too. Prayers for all of you!

    Enjoy the get together with all the fam and know that the QLCS is looking forward to seeing pictures. :)

    I had MOHS on my chin and they numbed it up very well for me. So glad it's a basal and that you're getting rid of it. Have had many excavations all over my freckled body to get rid of various pesky skin cancers. It's no fun.

    Love you. Mean it.

  5. Donna, I am so excited for Emma and James! What wonderful news! I will be waiting to hear what they are going to have! Katie??? Little Katie??? I can’t believe she’s going to college! It’s wonderful news but, my goodness, y’all will be empty nesters! That will be different for sure. Enjoy your houseful of company! It will be grand! Sorry I have been absent for so long. Glad I saw your post on Facebook. Love you! Mean it! Mott

  6. Congrats to Emma! And you! How exciting!
    Ask for Xanax. Best stuff ever for procedure anxiety.
    Nancy W

  7. So nice to see your post, and so much happy news. Bennington is lovely...and I hope your Katie enjoys New England. (Boston is my home, and I do love this part of the USA.)

  8. I want to give a shout out to our Social Security office! My sister suggested I try the old “walk in”. She had success doing it this way. So I looked at the office hours and took note of slower times. I arrived at 11:00 and was completely done by 12:00. The woman who helped me was excellent and dealt with a complicated request with no problem!! I’m so happy 🙂
    1. Start four months before you want to start benefits.
    2. Walk in.
    3. Be lucky and thankful 🙂

  9. How exciting! A new baby! Congratulations Emma and James.

    Bennington! I grew up about 30 minutes from there in Williamstown, MA. Katie will love it there!

    Retirement...I can't even think about it, but I should. It will be here before we know it. Can anyone say anxiety?!

  10. Robin, it feels so much better to have a plan. If we had not met with our financial advisor Patrick would never retire. But with a solid plan in place he can retire at 70.

  11. Donna,
    Congrats to Emma for the happy news a baby is on the way!!! And double congrats to Katie for getting into Bennington! Tenacity paid off. I hope she will love it!

    I had the MOHS surgery on my nose a few years ago. I received numbing anesthetic and didn't feel anything. It's not pleasant, but it didn't really hurt. It's just odd, if you know what I mean. You look bad for a couple of days, and then it's over. Good luck with the procedure. It's one of those times you just have to grow up and do what you have to do, at least that is what I told myself!! :)

    1. You’re telling me to put on my big girl pants... hehe...well, this non-drinker, never took a drug girl is gonna get a pill or two to give me a little extra courage.

  12. 1) Take the drugs. All the drugstore! 😉
    2) Emma and James 🎉
    3) Vermont = New England = oh so close 🥰
    Love you
    Mean it

  13. I had to have a biopsy on my thyroid without anesthesia. They numbed the skin area but I was awake while they stuck a needle in my thyroid and used ultrasound to find their way into the tumor. My doctor prescribed me some Xanax to take prior to the procedure and I'm sure it helped. I was still awake, but not panicky. It was odd and uncomfortable but doable. Then I went home and took a two hour Xanax induced nap. 😴 So get the anxiety meds! Or whatever else they might give you to help.


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