Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy Birthday gifts...a new record :o)

My sister Sue is a very generous and thoughtful gift giver!
One year she took our mother's vintage (okay, they were really old :o) fur coats and made pillows for all of us. Now, we all have a special memory of our parents. And I say parents because most of us can remember the Christmas that our mother received her beautiful white mink coat from our father.

Sue also made each of us a little book called Sisters as Friends. Inside she glued pictures of us. My book has mostly pictures of Sue and me.
I really treasure this little book.

And then there is my wonderful Fruit of the Spirit Plate!

So, imagine my surprise to receive a birthday gift in June!

My birthday is in September!
I'm getting ready for the count down.

Yes, Sue is generous and thoughtful...but she has won the grand prize as most tardy!
To tell you the truth, I didn't even remember that she had forgotten...but I bet it has bothered her since September.
So here is what she sent.

That yarn will make some funky socks!

Thank you Sue!

Here are my Kool-Aid, Knitterly Things socks! (From Knit Pixie)

I'm not sure if these socks are perfect enough to enter in the Walworth County fair...but they are in the running!

And can you believe you can dye socks with Kool-Aid! I have got to learn how do dye and spin my own yarn....some day!

So tell me, what is the best gift you have ever gotten?

Encourage one another,

********Birthday Gift Update*****

Well if you don't read the comments...

Sue's fabulous birthday gift is not nine months late, it is three months early!
She wins for Earliest Gift given!!!
I win for most ungrateful gift recipient because I can't even remember nine months back!!! Sue gave me two favorite Paula Deen!

I'm sorry Sue!

Better get those cards in the mail that I have sitting in a pile on my kitchen table.
Four birthday cards and three graduation cards.


Good thing we are the kind of family that finds this sort of thing very funny!


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