Monday, June 13, 2005

Spur of the Moment

We are not spur of the moment types of people around here. We don't pack a lot into a day. One activity a weekend is just fine by most of us.
One golf round or one trip to the zoo or one movie or one meal out to eat; that sort of thing.

So yesterday when the guys ( Patrick Sr. Patrick Jr. and Matthew) came home from their nine holes of golf, Matthew stated that he really wanted to go to see the Blue Angels in Janesville.

The Blue Angels would be flying at 3:00.

So we jumped in the cars and dashed to Janesville. (one hour away) We parked near the airport and stood on a grassy spot just off HWY 51 and watched the Blue Angels from the end of the runway.

Man what a great view.

Ya know why? The F-18's flew right over our heads to make their passes in front of the airshow crowd.

The amazing things about F-18's is that you can't hear them coming.
They make the most remarkable, roar as they pass.
We love it!

Here is a website about the BlueAngels

Be sure to check out if they will be performing near you. I can't encourage you enough to go and see these wonderful planes and their brilliant pilots.

And the FAQ page is filled with many interesting facts about the Blue Angels.

Wouldn't your child enjoy a unit study on the Blue Angels?

And then we came home to sing Happy Birthday to Patrick Sr.

Happy Birthday to You-oooooo!

Today I will take it easy and putter around the house.

Did you have a good weekend? Any highlights you'd like to share?

Encourage one another,

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