Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh dear I don't have a thing to say this morning...

Let's see what spills out.

Mr. J is coming to finish the work on the lovely sliding door this morning so I better get out of my jammies soon.
I had a wonderful visit with Jeaneen yesterday afternoon. We sat and talked and watched the children swim. Katie slipped and went underwater and scared herself...but she survived and was able to continue swimming.
The girls and I are going to a Mother-Daughter Tea this afternoon. Dear Kris P. has be trying to arrange this for four or five months. I think I will run to La Brioche and pick up some petite fors. We are asked to bring 'tea party' food. And I am don't have a recipe for something like off the the bakery I go.
We will finally watch The Station Agent tonight. Hope it's good.

Patrick was outside puttering and called into the house, "Donna, if you can find a dog like this, we can get one."
So I jumped up to look out the window to see what kind of dog he was watching walk by.

It was a lovely light colored Golden Retriever.

"It's a Golden Retriever, ask him (the man walking the dog) where he got it!"

no response.

When Patrick came in the house I said, 'that's a very expensive dog....and that we would have to wait for his next bonus to get a dog like that...'

"We're not spending bonus money on a dog!"


But I have a glimmer of hope.

Better Run,

Do you have the dream of a dog?


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