Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kim at Upward Call has written an excellent piece on bitterness. Click here to read.

Just yesterday the chapter I was reading in Called to be his Help Meet mentioned the effects of a bitter heart. It really does start small and grow like a nasty weed. Before you know it the weeds have taken over the garden.

Guard your hearts, young ones...

The weeds are much easier to pick when they are small and few.

We're to be tenderhearted, forgiving, and kind. The only way to prevent bitterness is to let go of whatever is causing the bitterness. It means we must accept what God has for us, and trust Him. It means that we must forgive those who have hurt us.

That's the key. Forgive, forgive, forgive.

Even when the offender doesn't deserve it. Especially when the offender doesn't deserve it.

And I translate forgiving to mean; giving it to God to deal with. Not keeping it for yourself. Forgiving doesn't mean 'it's okay'. No. It does not.

Sometimes we have to forgive often.
Sometimes we have to forgive for the same offense.
Just keep trying.
Our hearts sometimes lag behind our heads and intentions.
( And those roots can be very deep...and a little be gets left behind...to grow again)

Practice forgiveness with the little things.
Let go of bitter feelings as soon as they start to blossom.

It sounds like a lot of work.
It is a lot of work.

But it is so worth it!

Encourage one another,

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