Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I spotted this post hidden away in the far recesses of last night. It is written by a friend and frequent commenter here at Quiet Life, MFS.

Simple ways to inject fun into your children's learning days

Makes me want to go to school at MFS's house :o)


Today, I will start teaching three high school girls sign language. We will be using the book Signing: How to speak with your hands by Elaine Costello as our main reference book.
I borrowed The American Sign Language Phrase Book by Lou Fant from the library and it looks fantastic!
I can't wait to get started.

Children's choir began last night for Katie at the big Lutheran Church down the road.
They have a very big group of children and many talented teachers. They plan to do two musicals this year along with singing in the church services periodically.
Katie did not know what a musical was and I told her it was like a play.

"I get to be in a play!!!!"


Katie begins Awana tonight. Big. Time. Excitement.

The Tigers won their game last night. Finally and hooray :o)

I continue to knit, teach, read, watch, drive and cheer! (Perhaps I should say forgive too :o)

Off to begin my day.

Hey, why don't you list five verbs that describe your life right now?
That sounds like fun :o)

Encourage one another,

p.s. Do you see the photos on this page...the ones I have taken? I don't see them from here.
Sorry about the big blank spaces...hope the pictures reappear today.

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