Monday, September 19, 2005

Our Aunt Lola died on Friday night.
She and Uncle Don were Sue and my godparents.
She liked the title of Godmother. She signed her cards, Your Godparents.
She had a lovely Greek Accent.

Wednesday I will head to Lake Forest to pay my respects. I look forward to hearing stories of Aunt Lola and looking into the faces of cousins and family that I have not seen in over ten years. Their faces are full of history.

Uncle Mel will be there. He is my father's only living sibling. I know I will see my father's eyes when I look at his milky brown eyes.

I will see family resemblances.
And when you have lived far away from family for a long time, they
are very welcome.

I am sorry I did not have the chance to look one last time into Aunt Lola's eyes.

Death is a wretched thing.

Yet, I hope to see her reflected in her children, my cousins.

A funeral is the most bitter-sweet of all things.

Encourage one another,

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