Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I wake this morning with a fuzzy, happy-hangover from all the amazing birthday wishes.

I feel just like George Bailey.

"The richest man in town."

Thank you all.

And Leslie, is the tune to your husband's birthday song a familiar one?
I would love to learn it.

A glad & happy birthday, we wish you, Donna dear,
And may our Heavenly Father send birthday joy and cheer!
A happy,happy birthday! All beautiful with love! And glad with many blessings, from our dear Lord above.
Now we will pray together, that He will keep you still,
And make the next year happy, And help you do His will.
A happy, happy birthday! All beautiful with love! And glad with many blessings, from our dear Lord above!

Even tho it should not be allowed...two bad things happened on my birthday.

The homeschool soccer team lost a hard fought game.
Two of the players on our team were hurt.
No one ever likes to see that :o(

The second bad thing that happened on my birthday was that the Black Family was eliminated from The Amazing Race:The Family Edition.

First of all, their name was priceless, because the Black family was truly the only black family in the race. I usually don't learn the players names until the race is almost over and I give them descriptive names instead; the models, the father and son, the sisters, the bowling moms, the gay guys, the wrestlers. That sort of thing.

So the fact that the Black family was black was perfect.
And besides that they were the kindest parents; they were gentle, talked sweetly to their two boys and treated one another with respect.

But then they came in last.
I think they were too kind and gentle for a race.
You gotta be a little manic to win The Amazing Race.
The Black family was not.

One last Amazing Race query.
Why, oh why, did it take the kids in the orange shirts so long to push the Amish buggy?
We thought they were pushing it all the way to the blue silos!

I spotted this question over at Question of the Day.

You've been asked to make a major change to any sporting game, in order to make it more interesting. You can change anything about it, the rules, the playing surface, the makeup of the teams, whatever you want, but it can only be one change. What game are you changing, and what will the change be?

~See comment box for answers.

Thanks again for giving me the best birthday!
I had a ball :o)

And so you don't think I am getting a big head over all the compliments, I can't stop thinking of a funny meme; List five weird, odd or gross things about yourself, that most people don't know.

Perhaps we can do that tomorrow :o)

Encourage one another,

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