Saturday, September 10, 2005

She runs.
She falls.
She pops back up again.
She gets a ball square in the face.

She rests.

We wait to see if little black eyes appear.
We hope not.

Today is Wisconsin's largest Sheep and Wool Festival!
Lynn in Wi, her family and I will head over to Jefferson for the festivities.
I've never been to something like this before but it is just packed with activities;
spinning, a quilt show, a dog competition (like in Babe), a huge vendor's hall, sheep, sheep and more sheep.

I'll take my camera!
And since my birthday is near...I will have an excuse to purchase yarn...without too much guilt.

'This will be from Katie.'
'This will be from Emma'
'This will be from Patrick.....'

Have a great Saturday.

I'm planning on it :o)

Encourage on another,

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