Saturday, September 03, 2005

Yesterday afternoon we drove sixty miles west of Madison to watch Emma and the Tigers play their first official soccer game of the season.
The field was in a little valley with small hills surrounding.
We watched soccer... and three deer right behind the field munching on some plants.
The weather was perfection.
Katie had children to romp and play with so she was in Katie-heaven.

Only problem was... the Tigers lost...

I'm not so into the winning tho. It was fun anyway :o)


Patrick Sr. is off to a Badgers Football game today with a co-worker.
I've never been to a Badger's football game but boy I'd love to hear the Badgers Marching Band. They're amazing!

I am working at Taste of Madison this evening. I sure hope I can find a parking's my only concern. Anita (who comments here and is one of the most willing workers I know) says we will mostly be on clean up duty. Fine with me.
(This job will earn money for the homeschool choir tour in the Spring.)

Here is what I have been knitting lately.

I just love to knit!

If you had to evacuate your home and state...where would you go? Who would you move in with?

Encourage one another,

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