Monday, October 30, 2006

Beauty actually
is all around.

Campaign for real beauty

(Thank you for the link Amy.)

Oh. That comparison trap. It is not good.

I was in it very much when I was young.
Every one else was prettier and thinner then me.

But that was wrong and it was not true.

I had been sucked into the comparison trap.

The dialog with my own children has been very open and truthful.

They are beautiful.

First they are beautiful because God created them. They are loved and they are beautiful because of that alone.

Then they are beautiful because of what is in their hearts.
Kindness and thoughtfulness and patience is beautiful.

True beauty blooms from the inside.

And that is a good thing...because outward beauty fades.

That beauty that is on the the only beauty that lasts.

My once pretty green eyes now have very saggy eyelids.
And well...this body...there is nothing to compare it to on television...except Mrs. Doubtfire, really...

But, I tell ya, I'm not going to knock it.
It is a healthy body....and nearing 50 years old...

"If you don't have your health...."

I am still learning really.

It has been a long trip from comparisonland to acceptance.

I'd say, I'm halfway there.

In my everyday life...I'm happy as a clam. I don't think about it at all.
But faced with any kind of a reunion.
Well, all of those nasty negative thoughts come racing back.

Will our girls fare better?

I think so.
I hope so.

Will knowing that they were created by God, for a purpose, have an impact?
Will knowing that He thinks they are beautiful make a difference?

Please, God.

Encourage one another,

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