Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Irish Twin is 50!

My mom had two sets of twins. She had the Irish twins first.
Sue and I are eleven months apart.

Then came The Twins.
Janice and Janet, seven minutes apart.

But it's Sue's big day so I will talk about her.

The first thing I think of when I think of Sue is that she is totally devoted to her family and friends. She works very hard to 'be there'. She is there for her husband in their nightly chats, she helps, organizes, and plans for her boys continually, she is even devoted to their ailing dog.

She has a very big, tender heart. (Which she wears on her sleeve.)
Sue is famous for her crying.

Sue was there for me.

We went to college together for two years.
And when I had my first baby. She came to town to help me.

She is sassy.
Extremely generous.
Has a great eye for beauty and design.
Is really funny.
And very smart.

She's like a harder working, smarter version of me :o)
I'm not kidding. And it doesn't bother me at all.
She got the brains.

I came along and rained on her baby parade...

And she survived beautifully despite me.

She is my Irish Twin.
And I love her.

And she is 50 today!!!

Happy Birthday, Sue!

You are loved!


p.s. In the pictures above. Janice and Janet are in the top picture circa 1970-Wheaton.

Sue and I are in the bottom picture circa 1960-California

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