Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do you have children who have personalities that are entirely different than yours?

Well. I do.
It surprises me.


You see, Emma is extremely stoic.
I am not.

Yesterday afternoon, Emma left for soccer practice at 3:30.
As soon as practice was over she climbed into the car and headed to volleyball practice. At 8:45 she returned home.

Her dad commented that she looked tired. And she was a little insulted.
I asked if she was tired and she said there was one hard drill at volleyball.
(Some slide, slide, jump type of drill.)

But, no fuss.

My only clue that this had, indeed, been a hard day was when at 10:00 she went up to bed.

(She is a night owl.)

Now, me...

Well...there would have been a running commentary from the time I was getting ready for soccer until the time I was lugging my sore feet up the stairs and climbing into bed with loud groans.

How this silly, chatty mom bore such a stoic girl,
I'll never know.

Encourage one another,

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