Saturday, November 08, 2008


It has been snowing on and off for 24 hours now.
Thankfully nothing is sticking but it is one of the odd
things about living in the Midwest...

Wednesday it's summer.
Friday it's winter.

It's just weird.


This is the light in June.


This is the light in November.

June is sparkly isn't it?
November is moodier.


I think I will be converting a lot of pictures to black and white as winter approaches.

But that's okay with me. I love the black and whites.

In fact I am going to frame four black and white pictures in black frames with white mats.
The kind you can find anywhere. But I have finally decided to do this and can't wait to pick out just the four pictures I want to frame.

I'll show you when I get it all together.


We are going to buy a snow blower today.

Anniversary and Christmas gift.

I have to earmark big purchases as gifts. It's this thing I do.

Do you do that too?


Not much to say this morning....
I'll come back it something pops into my head.


I can not take pictures of our cat.
Dogs are very wiggly.

But chickens.
I rocked the chickens at the fair.

Is there a call for chicken/rooster photography?

Donna Boucher
Photographer of Children and Chickens.

It has a nice ring to it.

Encourage one another,

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