Monday, November 10, 2008


She saved the big one for last.

And enjoyed every literary bite.

Look mom, I have a RUNCH bar.

So I took a picture.

Half and hour later.

Look mom, I have an UNCH bar.

Another shot.

She brought the candy bar to church and ate it teeny bite by teeny bite and declared.


I have a CH.'

What a nut.

Some ways we are different.

I have never made a candy bar last that long in my life.

Some ways we are the same.

Attention to detail.

She gets the 'not gobbling food' from her dad.


She also gets this from me.

Using odd objects as awards.

good show

Good Shoooow!

Happy Monday blog buddies!

Why don't you tell me about something really great that happened over the weekend.

And remember to pray for Di's daughter Madelaine.
They are dealing with the staph again and they need to find answers.
Please. Lord.

Encourage one another,

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