Monday, November 24, 2008


Katie took this picture.
And I like it because I think it looks how I think I look.

But, I didn't know my highlights were looking so ugh.

And I have to tell you what a bonehead I am.

Last night as I was closing my eyes to sleep....

I realized that I had forgotten all about a birthday party that Katie was invited to...

I got up and searched the house for the invite to confirm my stupid-ness.

But I never found it...and didn't find it this morning.

I feel so terrible.

I told Katie this morning that we had missed it and she wasn't too sad.
She is not as volatile as her momma.

I'll run to the store and buy a gift today and deliver it at the basketball game tonight.

Oh... I just dread making social mistakes like this and being rude and inconveniencing others.



I look like this too.

Off to drive in the snow, serve at the food kitchen and look for my marbles.

I seem to have lost them.

Encourage one another,


Did you see this on The Amazing Race?

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