Friday, November 14, 2008

Over ten years ago...Ally McBeal featured a young geeky teen on the show.
Ally went to the prom with the young geeky teen.

He sang a song.

And as they say...

the rest is history.


Friday Five


1. What situations make you the most bored?
2. What do you do to alleviate boredom?
3. On long car trips, what do you to to keep things fun?
4. On airplanes, what do you bring in your carryon to entertain yourself?
5. Are you the sort of person who complains when feeling bored?


Katie wrote her teacher a letter of love and admiration the other day;

"You are the best teacher I have ever had!"


Love is not easily offended ;o)

Encourage one another,


Nancy from the comments just wrote to me and asked for prayers for her family and the
people in the Santa Barbara area. Her in-laws have been evacuated and the fire is right behind their house.
The nearby college has already lost it's chapel among other buildings.

AP story

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